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Welcome to The Saltbox

We’re a collection of women bloggers on a mission to think of the stories we want to tell someday, then go out and live them! Our goal is to find the joy and adventure in each new day, and we’re so honoured you’ve chosen to join us on our journey to make the moments count.

The Saltbox publishes a curated edit of cuisine, culture, lifestyle, fitness, parenting, interiors, beauty and fashion every day. We give modern women everywhere an opportunity to browse and engage with a like-minded community. We have a growing monthly readership from women and parents around the globe.

Our inspiration for the name came about spontaneously. One afternoon we were rummaging through my late grandmother’s shed and stumbled upon something that sparked our curiosity – a saltbox. It was magnificently decorated in bold colours and patterns. Salt was necessary for preserving food, and so it was a valuable commodity in colonial America. Salt was expensive, and it caked-up easily. To prevent this, special saltboxes were designed that were supposed to be hung by the hearth to keep the salt dried out.  We never found out the true story to how she came into possessing one, but it was in such a marvellous condition that the name just stuck with us. Each grain of salt is a story and we are adding it into this box.

A Traditional Saltbox

A Traditional Saltbox

In 2017, we finally pieced together all of our ideas onto this blog, when we stumbled upon thesaltbox.co.za domain. Over the last two years we have worked hard to build up the theme, platforms, content and community around the brand.

On Parenting

Kids – they have this marvellous ability to exist at the moment. To experience everything that is in front of them, without any thought of time. Their irresistible love for the simple things in life (everything from balloons to butterflies) even helps us adults overlook our upsets, if just for a second. Parenting should not feel like a task and nor should you feel like you have limited resources available to bring up a child. Our parenting category breaks down the most commonly asked questions about parenting and offers to advise and support for new parents.

On South Africa

‘Unsurpassed wildlife and mountains, whales and waterfalls, architecture and antiquity, the world’s most beautiful city, and the world’s most stunning Spring, plus a host of natural treasures make South Africa “The Most Beautiful Country In The World”, and a must-see traveller’s dream.”

South Africa – our home.  This magnificent country is where our journey started. It is the source of inspiration and the reason behind why we started this blog. We hope to highlight South African cultures, cuisines and content while helping better it, too. Many of our blog posts benefit causes that are near to us – river restoration, homeless programs, animal shelters – so you can feel good about engaging with us. You can find details on where we join in on these causes on the website. Eventually, we hope to make South Africa more accessible.

We hope you’ll join us on our journey to better the country. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook where we share our ideas and glimpses into our blogging journey and wonderful lifestyle. Please share yours with us by using the hashtag #thesaltbox or tagging us in your photos! We hope to see you there!

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We would LOVE to hear from you if you have a story, product or cause that you think we would like or just to say hello! We welcome enquires from like-minded brands who are interested in collaborating with us across our blog and Social Media on Sponsored posts. Please email all enquiries to ~ info{at}thesaltbox.co.za and we’ll get back to you!

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