Smart Shopping Tips – Explore Charity Store Apparel

Smart Shopping Tips – Explore Charity Store Apparel

May 9, 2019

Charity stores do not get the credit they deserve. They offer a practical solution away from the din of marketing – selling clothes at a fraction of the original price while allowing you to enjoy the same functionary benefits.

We tend to overlook the usefulness of a charity store because of some preconceived notions we have. Maybe, due to one or two futile visits as well. But shopping at a charity store has a certain methodology and it is not rocket science. Follow these tips – add to your wardrobe and most importantly, save money for more important things.

Visit a Thrift Shop

When you are entering a charity store, chances are you will not be finding the hottest trending styles. But a goodwill store allows you something that regular clothing stores do not. Rather than choose from a limited number of trending apparel, you will be entering a time machine and exploring details from multiple fashion generations. So stop worrying about not finding the latest Supreme your neighbour has been sporting – you will find something even more exclusive and unique.

How To Pick Clothes From A Charity Store?

Look for timeless pieces and enjoy the discovery. Charity stores do not organize their clothes in too many categories so this is not just shopping, it’s a treasure hunt. And don’t go for the labels – if you are lucky you will come across a genuine piece that was donated by a store because it was overstocked and they had to clear their inventory. These clothes usually have the tags removed to maintain the exclusivity of the brand.

A thrift shop in the West End of Australia - Selling clothing at a charity store -  
Photo by Prudence Earl on Unsplash
A thrift shop in the West End of Australia –
Photo by Prudence Earl on Unsplash

Charity stores do not resort to an inventory calendar – they can get restocked as often as possible. Further, to increase your chances at finding some cool gear – simply visit a store more often. Organizations like have a nationwide collection network and are continuously restocking their clothes. So hop in and be surprised.

Invest Some Time And A Little Bit Of Effort

Shopping at a charity store will require you to rummage a little. Store volunteers are not likely to know about every product available so you will need to dig right in. Go at a time when you are not in a hurry – never feel rushed at a charity shop.

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Try out the clothes before you decide to buy them. You may notice a few signs of wear and tear and stress – evaluate if they can be taken care of with a little bit of stitching or alteration. That is part and parcel of charity shopping – but it does not describe everything you find there. A lot of the clothes are in perfect shape – just one wash away from being worn.

Responsible Shopping Made Easy

It is not preachy talking about the environment anymore. In fact, the clothing industry has a very heavy carbon footprint. By shopping at a charity store, you are reducing your role in this cycle. Charity shopping has moved to the digital sphere now – so you can even do it from the comfort of your laptop. Talk about doing a good deed in total convenience – it is possible.

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    May 16, 2019 at 5:54 pm

    I’ve seen a lot of people online making interesting videos about turning thrift store finds into amazing outfits. If you’re a bit crafty, you can even make pieces with some wear and tear on them work for you!

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