How the fashion industry bowed to demand

How the fashion industry bowed to demand

August 19, 2019


Recent years have seen massive change throughout the industry; from the runways to fast-fashion labels. Our attitude and tolerance for unethical practices have forced brands to change their practices for the better, and now we’re reaping the benefits.

It’s hard to pinpoint the first signs of change. Perhaps the banning of fur from major fashion houses like Versace and Chanel, or the news that the whole of London Fashion Week would follow suit? Since then, we’ve seen multiple brands pledge to veto fur, ditch exotic skins, and even go vegan in the case of Stella McCartney.

Fashion has always reflected society’s conversation, but there’s more to it than that. Never before has the industry responded with such urgency, such enthusiasm as they have with this. We’ve seen high street brands H&M and Zara launch ethical clothing collections, despite both being so-called fast fashion brands; we’ve seen the likes of Asos create an ‘eco edit’ for easy access to sustainable fashion and beauty.

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We’ve also seen new brands emerge based on eco-conscious models, like WearTheWalk or HireStreet; runway and high street clothes renting options respectively, both platforms allow consumers to rent clothes instead of buying and throwing away. And if their unprecedented success is anything to go by, consumers are very interested in changing their purchasing patterns for the sake of the environment (and maybe to get the best pics for Insta too).

We’ve compiled a list of the best sustainable brands – both fashion and beauty – to make it that much easier for you to support the movement and do your bit!


 Pair this linen wrap dress with tortoiseshell earrings and a summery tote for a relaxed look, perfect for easy summer styling.  SOURCE: ASOS
Pair this linen wrap dress with tortoiseshell earrings and a summery tote for a relaxed look, perfect for easy summer styling. SOURCE: ASOS

Asos is one of the easiest platforms to shop sustainable thanks to their eco category, named ‘The Responsible Edit’. Currently, they stock 36 brands and they’re expecting sales to reach 30m by next year.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop are committed to an Enrich Not Exploit™ mantra, meaning they’re working on making all of their products eco-friendly.

This moisturiser is perfect for smoothing skin without leaving a sticky residue behind. Made for sensitive skin, it leaves you feeling pampered and smelling great! SOURCE: THE BODY SHOP


JustTrade is committed to making ethical jewellery with Fairtrade principles. Their hand-made products are modern, beautiful and sustainable!

Brands are rushing to prove themselves at the forefront of industry change because they understand that consumers will no longer settle for less. Under the new UN Sustainable Fashion Industry Charter for Climate, the brands signed up are working to improve their impact in a move that “goes beyond previous industry-wide commitments.”

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