Want To Be A Makeup Artist? Here’s What You Need To Know

Want To Be A Makeup Artist? Here’s What You Need To Know

March 1, 2019

All that glitter, highlighter, blush and brushes can make someone look really pretty. But all that comes with a lot of practise, hardwork and knowledge. It may seem that makeup is all about few strokes of brushes, mixing of colours and pouting those lips, but there’s a lot more that goes behind making someone look flawless and gorgeous.

If you want to pursue your passion for makeup and become a professional makeup artist, it’s not all glitter and brushes, so here are few things you should know.

1. Decide What Kind Of Makeup Artist You Want To Be

Being a makeup artist doesn’t mean that you are now qualified and skilled to do all kinds of makeup. It’s important when you’re deciding on pursuing makeup as a profession, that you understand the different types of makeup artists out there and train yourself to be a professional in one or more types.

There’s a lot more that goes behind making someone look flawless and gorgeous.

There are different makeup artists for different purposes. For example, there are different makeup artists for bridal makeup, fashion shows, theatre, tv shows etc. There are different makeup requirements for each of these genres. You must decide what do you want to be proficient in and then practise towards that.

2. Get Some Kind Of Professional Education

While there is no hard and fast rule that you must get a professional education in makeup artistry, but it always helps. There are plenty of self trained makeup artists who are doing extremely well, but a school always helps you with a push in your career. Learning face to face from a professional will teach you tips and tricks about the profession that you might not get from YouTube videos or tutorials. It’s always good to learn logic and basics behind things and that’s something that a school will be able to teach you quite well.

Once you’re sure that you want to pursue makeup as a profession, choose a makeup and beauty school that’s giving you a good education and will also help boost your career by getting you in touch with potential clients. A beauty school will also be a great way to do some networking that will help you with your career in makeup.

3. You’ll Get Nowhere Without Practise

No matter how popular a beauty school you go to, if you aren’t practising your makeup skills then you’re not learning and growing. There’s no way you can do away with practising makeup. Don’t think that you’re supposed to do makeup only on clients. The most important step to becoming a professional makeup artist is practising makeup. Many top professional makeup artists have advised that practise is the most important part in your journey to becoming a successful makeup artist.

4. Portfolio

Your work is as famous and good as your portfolio. A good portfolio is a must for any aspiring makeup artist. You should have an online and a print portfolio, both. If you are proficient in different types of makeup, then you should have a diverse portfolio with different sections for each kind of makeup. You should hire a professional photographer to shoot photographs for your portfolio because this is going to be the deal breaker for all your future businesses.

For your portfolio shoot, choose clients with diverse facial features, skin colour, skin types, face shape etc. so that your portfolio reflects your ability to work on diverse clients.

5. You Won’t Get Famous Overnight

Establishing yourself as a makeup artist is going to take time, patience and hard work. If you’re expecting yourself to become famous overnight, then you’re being overambitious. In any creative field, your work speaks for you and that takes a lot of time. If your income depends on it, it maybe a while before you can completely depend on your job as a makeup artist to make constant money. You can work another job till the time you aren’t well established as a makeup artist. This will help you stay stress free about your monthly income and also enable you to pursue your passion.

6. Work Hard At Promoting Yourself

You will have to work hard at promoting yourself too. Just focusing on your makeup skills can only get you to a certain level in today’s digital age. You will have to show off and market yourself to spread the word about yourself as a makeup artist. There’s hard work needed at promoting yourself too, so be ready for that. Promote and share your work on social media, create a website and regularly update it with your work.

7. Remember What Makeup Is About

Always remember that makeup is not about changing the way you look but rather about enhancing the beauty that’s already there. It’s important to get this one basic fact right when you’re starting out with your career as a makeup artist. Your job as an artist will be to enhance the beauty that’s already present and not completely change the way someone looks. This is the real challenge and this is where you need to leave your mark as a makeup artist.

To End

No journey is without its share of ups and downs, so be prepared for some setbacks in your career. Don’t be disheartened at failures and don’t be too proud at achievements. Maintain your balance and be centered while you aim for the stars. Hard work and perseverance will get you what you aim for, just keep working and believe in yourself.

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