Fashion Trends for Women Workwear 2019

Fashion Trends that are Changing Women’s Workwear

April 13, 2019

We have all seen massive waves on social media on topics like female equality, first for women, self-love, and the #metoo campaign. Women are woke. They want to be heard. This has washed up on the desk of the working women. Who want to be seen as independent and officious.

Clothing has a way to shape identify and make a statement. Historically, women had few rights in the workplace and even less of a say with what they could wear. But hello 2019, where anything goes, and businesses need to mind their step, lest they are trampled over by the kickass women wearing bright red silhouettes.

Fashion trends that are turning heads in women’s workwear in 2019.

Want to make a statement at work? Follow these trends

  1. Don’t mix and clash

    We are not suggesting going full matchy-matchy, but rather spend time coordinating the bold colours and patterns in a way that shows you ‘have it all together’. Tap into the same trend when matching separate pieces. So rather than settling with a full-on grey or navy suit, add a single bold colour to your shirt, handbag, or shoes. Above all, coordinate prints and colours to look right. Be subtle when picking out patterns and pairing clothing together.

  2. Wool coats and roller necks

    Go for warm styles that sit comfortably high on the neck. Roll-neck jumpers are perfect for standing up to the chill while staying chic. Go for roll-necks made from natural fibres to last beyond the season and pair it with a quality, wool coat. It is a must-have for any fashionista. Wool coats are the perfect final layer and make the list of what is hot in 2019.

  3. Be fluid

    Fluid fabrics are all the hype right now. We are seeing silk and satin replacing the cheaper and coarser fabrics. These soft, quality polyesters are allowing working women to feel luxe and show off their figures better than stiff, starchy alternatives. Thick fabrics have less drape, and fluid materials have more. Choose clothing that feels light, and is easy to wear.

  4. Cropped trousers and crisp tees

    A plain, white t-shirt pairs well with everything. This basic, yet neat, fashion item is a must for every women’s wardrobe. Also, try to source an ethically produced tee that will last the season. And then pair it with a fashion-forward, cropped trousers. All the major clothing brands are filling their stores with cropped pants or trousers. Similarly, it got popular early in 2018 and is still blowing up. Why? They are considered sexy as they reveal the ankle bone, and they look fabulous with shoe boots, which are still very much on trend.

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Knowing what is popular to wear for work makes dressing up easier. Did you enjoy our workwear trends for women of 2019? How do you style your 9-5 look? And what else do you consider elegant women’s workwear? Leave your thoughts below.

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    April 17, 2019 at 12:14 am

    I can’t live without draping fabric. It’s great for summer weather, but it always makes me feel beautiful. Absolutely perfect for businesswear!

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