5 Fascinating Genealogy Facts That Will Make You Raise Your Eyebrows

5 Fascinating Genealogy Facts That’ll Surprise You

February 8, 2017

Genealogy research is one way to keep the families together again. It does a lot of help in tracking down family history and filling the blank pages of their lives. However, unlike other research processes, genealogy isn’t that well-known.

This might be because this type of research process is a bit serious and mostly done for private clients. So, this article chose to pick up some of the most interesting facts about genealogy that might probably ignite your willingness to learn more about the field.

Mistakes from original documents are often detected

Original documents aren’t exempted in bearing errors. In genealogy research, such mistakes are often detected from original documents or resources that may be provided by the client or gathered by the genealogist.

Possible errors may be misspelt names, miscounted children or siblings, mistaken birth dates, incorrect transcription of nationality or religion, and so on. Such mentioned mistakes may possibly delay or lengthen the research process so, if I were you, always check your important documents.

A weirder surname is what interests genealogist the most

Genealogists are also playing the role of private investigators in many possibilities. The process is bloody and it requires a lot of time and tons and tons of effort. One simple thing that will make their task easier is if the person they’re looking for does have a weirder or unique surname or distinctive first name.

It’s because, the more common the provided name would be, the more subjects they would probably have. If the person that they’re looking for has a unique name, it will lessen their workloads. Also, success in the task is visible and would possibly minimise the length of time of the process.

The richer the ancestor, the easier the research

For genealogists, it’s easier if your ancestors were rich at their time– no offence but that makes their job a lot easier. It has a great tendency that there are paper trails left that may be used in conducting the research. However, prison, orphanage records, employment agency, alms-house can also get the research going.

But for richer ancestors, the research will possibly be faster and easier. The more paper trails or records left, the bigger the possibility of succeeding will be.

Genealogy research may unveil family secrets

One of the most interesting facts you might know here is that genealogy research may possibly unveil shocking family secrets. Whether the client wants it or not, it’s the genealogist job to be open about all his findings.

Sarcastically speaking, if you’re hiding something from your immediate family, but also want to look for a particular part of the family, think twice. Because genealogy research proves that many families have written off someone in the kin. There may be the ones who are mentally ill, an illegitimate child, or could either be a long-lost twin.

Surprisingly, genealogists find family bibles useful

Genealogist uses a lot of resources in order to come up with the desired result. Do you know that family bible is one of the most useful resources they could have? These may be holding birth records, records of deaths, marriages, reunions and so on. Having a scrapbook, family photo album, church records, land deeds, and yearly census are also treasurable resources.

Truly, genealogists have one of the most challenging jobs today. Never-ending research is clearly needed as long as the desired information or result is being seen. They treasure things in your home that may be a simple and not useful for you.

So, now that these interesting and mind-blowing facts are presented to you, would you want to know more about genealogy? You might not want to disregard this because you would somehow need a genealogist’s help someday. If you’ve ever experienced a little activity that genealogists do, we’re interested to hear from you. Or if you have more questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach for us.

Golden Rules of Genealogy
Golden Rules of Genealogy – source:http://gotgenealogy.com/

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