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More Than Just Steel Wool: Industrial Knitted Mesh

October 28, 2018

Industrial knitted mesh suppliers today have much more to offer than the steel wool you might think of first. While steel wool is definitely still a popular product, the experts over at SMI Industrial have developed many more innovative products ranging from mesh panels and coalescer supplies to grease eliminators.

What exactly is knitted mesh?

As the name implies, an industrial knitted mesh is the result of metal wires that are knitted (often using the French Knitting process) in the same way as many clothing items. This knitting process produces mesh panels (among other designs) of interlocked wire which provides a two-way stretch while not distorting the mesh, a feature not found in products made of ordinary woven wires.

What properties does knitted mesh possess?

The first key property of knitted mesh is that it can be used in various configurations. Whether you want a double-layered mesh panel made by flattening a knitted mesh tube or a corrugated product intended for use in vibration dampening, these configurations exist.

Another benefit is the resilience offered by knitting the wire as opposed to weaving it. Because they are knitted, these mesh products act in a spring-like manner when under compression. This means that once the compressive stress is removed, the mesh returns to its originally intended shape. And because of the versatility of the knitted mesh manufacturing process, it can be configured according to specifications to make optimal use of this feature depending on where it will be used.

Knitted Mesh Panels South Africa

Where is it used?

A good example of the above features, as mentioned, is the use of knitted mesh for the vibration and sound dampening of equipment. Due to the industrial nature of the materials used, knitted mesh panels have been used in various industries that need vibration dampers in areas with high temperatures, radioactivity, oil, and numerous other hazards. For instance, knitted mesh panels have been known to work when used to separate vehicle engines from their exhaust systems, reducing the vibrations of the engine while also holding up against the heat generated there.

Grease eliminator manufacturers have also found knitted mesh to be extremely useful. Because these can be manufactured according to the specified sizes and material types, as well as being easy to clean, wire mesh grease eliminators are a welcome sight in many kitchens (in extractor units) and air filtration systems.

How can you find out more?

Contact the experts at SMI Industrial. They manufacture everything from demisters and mesh panel filters to home cleaning products, so they know what’s what in the business of knitted mesh.

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