Tips To Ensure Patient Safety During Transportation

May 11, 2017

Caring for a patient is exhausting for both the patient and the caregiver. Many times patients have to be escorted to better medical facilities. Caregivers who are into transporting have to have specialized training.

Chances are that if you’re transporting a patient they are in a serious condition and need specialized help and care. They would need medication and special requisites according to their ailments. The primary concern is to take care of the patient but it is imperative that you take care of yourself too. Sometimes when you’re caring for others you may forget your own health.

Taking care as a caregiver

Are you a family member or a professional caregiver? If you’re a family member it is even more important that you take care of yourself. You may be under a lot of stress and trauma. Enabling yourself to take care of the patient is the first step. If you’re a professional, neglecting yourself could lead to missing work and medical bills.

Hire a professional service for long distance transporting

If you need to take the patient over a long distance then hire a professional service. They will be better equipped to take care of the patient and have the necessary equipment as well. It may be more cost-effective for you too. You may have to buy healthcare equipment if you’re transferring the patient yourself and still there is no guarantee that the equipment is being used to its maximum. Acc Medlink is a transport company, which is fully equipped to transport patients, interstate.

Professional caregivers could be from hospitals, rehab facilities, emergency first responders and home care agencies. How do you know if they are professional in their work? You would know if they are primarily focusing on the patient’s condition.

Minimize physical exertion

Even if the patient is smaller and lighter than you, exercise caution when physically lifting them. Even the slightest wrong posture can be harmful to you. Think before you move the patient. Check your own posture and correct it if needed. Maintain a comfortable stance so the extra weight doesn’t st you off balance. Bend with the lower back and never lock your knees. Always be equipped with the correct tools to transfer the patient. They are already sick so you need to be completely healthy in order to help them. Transferring patients over long distances can be very exhausting. Employing the help of professional services can equip you better too. ACC Medlink has a fleet of elite medical transport vans which is available in Ohio for interstate patient transfer.

As a caregiver taking a few extra steps to ensure your own safety won’t hurt. Exercise daily so you’re fit when you need to transfer patients. Stretch regularly. This will keep your muscles supple and chances of pulling a muscle are less. Educate yourself on the best ways to take care of your patient. Research on ways to keep yourself healthy through gruelling times. We can not stress enough on how important it is to keep yourself, as a caregiver, in the pink of health.

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