How to Maximise the Safety of Mining Employees

How to Maximise the Safety of Mining Employees

December 1, 2018

In order for mining companies to maximise the safety of their employees, there are a few appropriate, and often non-negotiable steps to take to minimise risk. Through the help of mining consultants, certain measures can be implemented which ensure that operations are compliant with local regulations, as well as to ensure the safety of workers. This simple review will assist mining companies to maximise workers’ safety, from the planning stages right through to mine closure.

Ensure Compliance with Safety and Health Standards

By ensuring compliance with local safety and health regulations, not only are you saving yourself from potential malpractice fines, but you are also implementing best-practice safety solutions. In order to ensure that you are compliant with all the industry regulations, you will need to make use of mining consultants who have the expertise to guide you in order to guaranteed compliance with all the mining and workers regulations in South Africa.

Provide Adequate Training Programmes

In order for mine workers to properly use equipment and follow implemented safety measure, they need to be trained accordingly. Providing your workers with proper training will ensure that procedures are followed correctly and will maximise the health and safety of workers. You will also need to train workers regularly when there are procedural changes and ensure that new employees are upskilled through training as well.

Monitor Safety Performance

Although your employees are trained, you should still encourage supervisors to carefully monitor your employees. Not only will this ensure that the implemented procedures are being followed correctly, but it will also help to flag any systems that are not effective. By closely monitoring your operations, you can identify and evaluate your procedures in order to recognise any issues which may need improvement.

Take Effective Action to Correct Any Issues

Should there be issues or concerns that are brought to the supervisor’s attention, action should be taken immediately. In order for you to activate any positive transformations, you will also need to ensure that there is a good level of communication between workers and managers. Workers should be encouraged to voice their concerns so that change may be implemented which will, in turn, improve productivity.

Mining consultants in South Africa offer expert advice in the life of mine plans or turnaround strategies in order to ensure maximum safety and complete compliance. Experts at mining consulting enterprises offer specialised services to help mines in establishing a safe work environment to optimise productivity and guarantee compliance.

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