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5 Vital Questions to Ask Venues About Event Security

December 4, 2018

Meticulous planning is necessary to ensure all the required security measures are taken during an event. Event security is heavily based on the preparation of the event itself, to ensure the safety of the guests, performers and staff. Here are some questions that event security services need to ask the venue prior to the event to plan their event security and VIP protection accordingly.

1. Does the venue provide any security staff and, if so, what is their level of training?

Establishing if there is a basis for the event security is the first step in the preparation. This way the team can be briefed together so that when the time comes for the event, everyone is on the same page.

Scenarios will be explained and run through with members of the hired event security services as well as the security at the venue if any.

2. Are all entry points secure? Are they closely monitored?

If there is existing security, they likely function to guard entry and exit points to some degree. The degree to which entry point is secured needs to be assessed.

Consider how many people are expected to attend the event in order to calculate whether there will be enough manpower at each entry or exit point to secure it, or whether it will be necessary to hire additional event security services.

3. What is the capacity of the venue? How do you monitor and control the crowd density?

Crowd control is essential to event security, so this must be well planned to ensure the success and safety of an event.

Understanding the venue’s capacity is essential. Security services will need to know what the cut-off amount is and how many people they can safely allow in while retaining maximum security. Do the staff have crowd control training or will event security services need to provide extra people to help direct people, ensure flow and manage queues for crowd control (in the name of safety)?

4. Are the first responders on site familiar with the layout of the venue? Who will be there on the day of the event?

You must establish whether the venue will be organising the presence of firefighters, EMTs, police, etc. or whether you and the event organiser need to do so. Knowing who will be there on the day of the event is key to keeping the large crowd safe.

Should something go wrong, for example, someone might get injured, security, as well as crowd control, should be able to get the person to an EMT as quickly as possible. With crowd control, the process of getting someone assistance in an emergency can be done faster and safer for all parties involved.

This is equally important to guests as it is to VIPs, but a VIP will be occupying a different space. For VIP protection to get them where they need to be, in this case to the EMT, they must know the fastest and safest route to do so.

5. Do you require security in other areas, such as the parking area, or do you need someone to direct traffic?

Event security is there to ensure the event is safe – this means the event in its entirety. The event cannot be deemed “safe” if people’s cars are stolen or if they are mugged right before entering or just after exiting the venue. Ensure that security does not only watch the perimeter but those in the vicinity, and their belongings, as well.

Planning, management and effective emergency response is essential to the success of an event. If you have any doubt rather be safe than sorry and invest in event security services to assist.

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    February 3, 2020 at 3:45 am

    Hmm, I think I always ask questions 3,4,5 quite often whenever I attend the event, and now should consider more question 1 and 2. Thanks for your sharing!

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