3 HCG Diet Facts That You Should Absolutely Know Before Starting

3 HCG Diet Facts You Should Absolutely Know Before Starting

February 2, 2017

Weight loss is a long and tough journey for a majority of people because the results are usually slow to come. Moreover, they may not be proportionate to the efforts you put in. Even weeks of starving and rigorous exercise may not bring down the scales as expected. The reasons could be varied, but a major concern is that you may not be trying the right way to lose weight. Unless you have a tangible plan of action with proven efficacy, it is most likely that you may be unable to shed those extra pounds.

Fortunately, there are some measures that can help you lose weight fast and sustain the results for a long span of time. One of these is HCG diet, a protocol that has been used for decades and still is popular across the globe. The plan is a combination of low-calorie diet and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone (in the form of drops or injections as you may prefer). With this protocol, you can expect to lose weight rapidly and sustain it as well. But before you initiate with HCG diet, there are a few facts that you should know about it. Let us list them for you.

  1. Understand the way HCG works

To begin with, you need to understand the role of HCG hormone. Primarily produced during pregnancy, this hormone plays a key role in the fetal growth during gestation. It is capable of breaking down fat and supporting fetal nutrition. This ability of HCG makes it suitable for weight loss as well. Additionally, being a hormone that is naturally synthesized in the human body makes it completely safe. This is important as it answers the concern which a majority of dieters have that is the HCG diet safe enough to be used on a prolonged basis.

When used as a part of the diet protocol, HCG is more effective. It can assist in accelerating metabolism, maintaining energy levels and curbing appetite so that you can easily breeze through the low-calorie phase. Furthermore, it enables your body to process the fat reserves more efficiently. Therefore, taking the right dosage of the hormone in the chosen form becomes the mainstay of this diet protocol.

  1. Following the phases matters a lot

Another fact that you need to know as a first-timer is that this protocol has three phases. The loading phase, the weight loss phase and the maintenance phase make up the diet.

  1. Phase 1, as the name implies, is when you load yourself with high-calorie food to carry you through the diet and you start HCG supplementation as well.
  2. Then, Phase 2 is the period when you switch to a very low-calorie diet along with the continued intake of HCG drops or injections.
  3. Phase 3 involves a gradual increase in calorie intake and discontinuation of the hormone.

If you want to get tangible results with the diet plan, you need to stick to the protocol religiously. For example, each of the phases has specific time periods and permissible calorie counts that you must follow. Similarly, you cannot miss the HCG drops or injections during the first two phases of the diet. Starting well matters a lot though you may think that the loading phase is just about overeating, this is rather contradictory! But this is the way to get your body ready for the rigours ahead.

Dr-Simeons-HCG Weight-Loss Protocol infographic

Dr-Simeons HCG Weight-Loss Protocol infographic

  1. Drops or injections- Make the right choice

Now that you have the complete information related to the HCG diet protocol, the next important thing is to choose the right for of HCG intake. The key question is whether to opt for injections or drops. Both the methods have their own upsides and downsides and it is really a matter of personal preference. While injections ensure rapid absorption, drops are feasible for those who are not comfortable with the needles. They are easier to administer because you just need to take them sublingually for faster absorption.

Besides the convenience of administration and high efficacy, adherence is something that really matters when it comes to the choice between injections and drops. Select the method that you think you can easily stick with through the diet protocol. See an expert if you want better guidance in this context. Whichever method you choose, make sure that you buy a quality product from a trusted seller.

HCG diet is easy to follow yet brings amazing results that last as well. So if you want to make your weight loss journey easy and short, this is the best plan for you to try. You will be happily surprised to see how fast the scales drop and stay there!



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