Baby Friendly Home The Ultimate Remodelling Guide
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Baby Friendly Home: The Ultimate Remodelling Guide

November 21, 2018

You are planning on starting a family, but your home is not child-friendly enough? Luckily, there are now numerous tips and tricks that will assist you in creating the most baby-friendly living space without any effort or hassle. Additionally, keep in mind that in some cases you won’t be able to handle things without professional help. In order to narrow down the checklist for you and make the process stress-free, we have singled out our top remodelling guidelines which are super easy-to-follow. Let’s take a look and get inspired.

Nursery prep

First things first, your baby will initially spend most of its time in the nursery so you have to find the right decor and stock it with necessary items. Start by putting together a list of necessary furniture pieces. Like a rocking chair where you can sing soothing lullabies to your little one. You’ll also need a crib that can be converted from an infant- to a toddler-sized one, a wardrobe for cute baby clothes and necessary hygiene products along with a hamper for dirty clothing. Also, make sure your lovely nursery has plenty of natural light. Lastly, since babies enjoy music a lot during playtime and naps, you can bring in a CD player with all sorts of relaxing and fun age-appropriate content for them.

Nursery Inspiration - A perfectly, pastel bedroom for your young child.

Nursery Inspiration – A perfectly, pastel bedroom for your young child.

Kitchen safety tips

If you think you have it hard in the kitchen with all the sharp and pointy items that can bruise and cut you, just imagine how simple it will be for toddlers to hurt themselves here. Therefore, it becomes paramount to ensure that the risk of injury is non-existent. You can begin by moving all the dangerous items. Place chemicals, detergents, medicine, kitchenware and utensils high up on shelves where they are out of sight and reach. Additionally, lock all drawers, cabinets and the refrigerator with a child-safety latch. It will prevent them from crawling inside or grabbing something they shouldn’t. More importantly, if you want to be sure that you’ll prevent your child from coming in contact with dangerous VOC chemicals, try switching to non-VOC alternatives like non-chlorine bleach, vinegar and mineral oil.

Babyproof everything electrical

It goes without saying – before the baby arrives, you should check the wiring in your home from the ground up. Firstly, since toddlers and infants like to snoop around the house. They can easily find wall sockets and stick things inside. That’s why you should think ahead and invest in outlet caps that match the colour of your sockets and won’t arouse their curiosity. Or, even better, install tamper-resistant receptacles behind the outlet covers with pressure shutters that can only be moved if pressed simultaneously.

Furthermore, if you live in an old house or residential building which has corroded wiring, you can endanger your whole family’s well-being by ignoring this potential fire hazard. Instead of letting that happen, it’s wise to contact an emergency electrician who can quickly assess and fix any electrical issue you may have, including blown fuses and overloaded extension cords. Owing to them, you can rest assured that your child can play carelessly without any risk of injury caused by faulty outdated installations.

Babies will try latch onto anything in reach.

Babies will try latch onto anything in reach.

Living room redesign

Last but not least, before the baby comes, you should incorporate some new design ideas into your living room. Aim to make it fun, engaging and safe for them. For instance, you can begin by painting this part of the home in child-friendly colours. That will stimulate their mood and cognitive abilities. For example, you can opt for bright blue, red or orange hues which are known for boosting energy and creativity. Additionally, you should fill the room with posters, plush animals and age-appropriate toys which they will truly love. Keep in mind, during the redecoration process, you have to check for safety hazards. Screw unstable bookshelves or end tables into the wall.

Don’t forget, even though the TV can be extremely entertaining, kids can pull on its power cord and injure themselves. Thus, feel free to fasten all your cables to the wall inside a safety cover and mount the TV on a ramp. Finally, remember to child-proof all sharp corners and edges with protectors so that they don’t bump their heads.

As you can see, making your home baby-friendly can be a real piece of cake. All that’s needed is a thorough checklist. Follow the safety and redecoration tips or call an expert for help. Good luck!

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    Jasmine - LoveLifeLaughMotherhood
    January 9, 2019 at 4:54 pm

    This is a very thorough checklist! I love that you brought up anchoring the television, most parents forget about that and it can be very dangerous. Especially when baby starts pulling and climbing!

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