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The Benefits of Natural Light For Your Child’s Bedroom

January 24, 2018

Sunlight and fresh air have long been responsible for good vibes and sound health. While we all need to be indoors, there is no reason why we cannot bring these two beneficial and natural factors into our houses. And, in particular, into kids bedrooms and play areas. We take pains to source and decorate our kid’s rooms with all the latest kids furniture items, colour themes and the latest fan art, but do we give thought to how much sunlight can enter the bedroom, and if there is enough fresh air circulating?

Most do not.

What benefits do sunlight and fresh air have?

Florence Nightingale was adamant about allowing patients windows to be left open to allow the natural light to enter, as well as cool air. Without letting the patient catch a too-cold breeze, she insisted that this assisted in healing them and in disinfecting their open wounds.

Today, the same methodology applies, and we now know, in more depth, how beneficial light, in particular, direct sunlight, and fresh air are.

With kids being exposed to numerous germs all day, more so than us careful adults, they are prone to picking up viruses, as well as infecting scratches and sores. A sure-fire way of ensuring that they heal naturally is making sure the one place they spend quite some time in, their bedrooms, is filled with our two natural allies.

Here is why …

A Natural Disinfectant

Think back to when granny would tell you to leave the Band-Aid off for a bit and go sit out in the sun. While it is good to close up a wound to avoid further infections when you get the chance to expose it to the air and sunlight, do it!

This phenomenon is called the open-air factor and the components in the air help to kill the germs lurking in the skin. Exposing your “ouches” to the sun will assist the healing process.

Infections be Gone

When it comes to viruses and infections, natural air and light voids off the possible development of both. Just the warding off of mould and mildew will decrease infections building up in your system. Hence, why it is so necessary to air a bathroom, especially after a hot shower or bath. When it comes to kids bedrooms, you want to be letting that good naturalness in whenever possible.

Cures All Round

When it comes to stress levels and the accumulation of that killer cholesterol, the more natural the light and air, the better for you and your family. As we spend much time indoors, and especially our kids, in a closed classroom, it is vital that when they can, we expose them to the outdoors.

When positioning kids furniture, consider where the light is coming in and where they can benefit the most from the cool air from outside. We may not realise it, but our kids can get stressed as well, and in today’s fat-laden world of takeaways and fast foods, they can very quickly lean towards this solace, instead of a healthier option. In addition, Vitamin D can be increased naturally in the body with exposure to the sun. Stats show that those cancer patients that took time to spend a few minutes a day in the sun lived longer than those that didn’t.

Natural Light in Bedroom

Don’t give your kids reason to hibernate. Get them out and about, or at least open up their living areas and let the outside world in.

Good Mood Enhancer

There is no doubt that a good dose of Vitamin D and the sunlights serotonin can lift a bad mood. If you see your child or children looking a little mopey and down in the dumps, take them outside, or if the weather isn’t perfect for a little walk, then wrap them up and open the bedroom windows up. Even just a little bit of sunlight will help to put a smile on their dial, and yours too.

Brain Power Booster

If you want to boost your kid’s concentration levels, shine a little light on their heads and face, but natural light, please. In terms of thinking clearer and being able to be more productive, the suns rays will help to open up their minds to more possibilities.

On a Safety Note

Notwithstanding the eagerness to get as much natural light and air as you can, be aware of the sun’s damaging rays too. It is best when exposing your skin to the sun that you apply at least a 15 SPF, even if indoors, always.
As for the chill factor in the air, in certain countries, one can, in fact, get a sunburn-type effect from the too cold air.

Having said that, the outdoors can come inside, and all it takes is a little creativity with kids furniture, window areas and discretion.

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