Often-Forgotten Costs when Setting a Construction Project Budget

Often-Forgotten Costs when Setting a Construction Project Budget

October 26, 2018

When working on a budget plan for your construction project, take note of the additional services or other surprise costs that may come your way. Unforeseen construction costs and expenses can include requested changes, time constraints, site clearance requirements, amongst other. By setting aside an amount for these surprises, or including them in your budget plan initially by involving construction site clearance professionals from the beginning as one such example, the likelihood of falling within budget is maximised. Continue reading for more information on our top four unexpected costs that often appear during a construction project.

Requested Changes from the Client

Sometimes during a construction project, you or your client will request changes while the project has already commenced. These changes could turn into additional expenses as they often require re-installation of certain components or simply going back to the drawing board. This, however, can’t be foreseen and professional service providers will always go the extra mile to satisfy their clients.

Additional Time for Completion

Due to the fact that quality work takes time, as well as changed plans (as mentioned in the point above) a project can sometimes take longer than expected. This will increase costs due to more labour hours required, the extended hiring of plant equipment, or losing out on other projects. It is however important never to rush the job in order to meet the deadline, this can often cause more expense and detriment for your business. When setting a deadline, remember to allocate more than enough time to have the project completed to ensure quality work and minimise the chances of having to extend the time last minute.

Bulk Clearance of Sites

From the get-go, a professional construction site clearance company should be contacted in order to remove rubble from the time before the construction begins until afterwards. By setting aside a budget for your project site clearance with expert rubble removal service providers, you can ensure that all the removal requirements will be taken care of so that you can focus on providing your clients with quality work. This expense is often forgotten as it may be unknown whether the site is clear before commencement, and you may not have the equipment to complete bulk clearance of sites.

Unknown Existing Conditions

Sometimes problems will crop up due to the conditions of the site or the existing infrastructure. This could result in additional expense due to the delay that addressing these existing issues will take on the project time, as well as the resources that may be required to amend these problems.

Construction service providers like Sand Shifters can provide you with construction site clearance solutions as well as plant hire options to offer you complete options for your project when you most need it.

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    July 14, 2019 at 3:54 am

    Excellent tips! I will send this to my brother as he is always stuck on this project. Thank you!

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