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Feng Shui: Interior Design Tips to Improve Your Home

September 12, 2019

The art of Feng Shui is all about creating and maintaining the right energy for your home while still enabling it to look stylish and suit your taste. Providing your home with a harmonious environment will help you and the rest of your household members feel more comfortable, as well as anyone who visits your home. Any renovation or change to your home environment may disrupt its chi, which is why you need to mind the ways of Feng Shui when making upgrades. Here are some ways to enhance your home in a Feng Shui-friendly manner. 

The entrance matters

The entrance of your home is where the energy starts flowing, which is why it is often called the “mouth of the home”. Thus, you need to make sure that chi enters your home in a proper manner to ensure it flows right through the rest of your home. Renovating your door and choosing a strong, sturdy material for it will prevent negative energy from entering your home while positioning the door so that it opens inward will invite positive energy in. Also, you should avoid glass materials or any other transparent material for your front door.

Positioning the staircase in front of the door is a bad idea because the energy will lead straight towards the second floor, disrupting the harmony of your home. Keep in mind that once the energy enters wrong, it’s a lot harder to set it back on the right path.

The kitchen is the crater of energy

Since the kitchen is a vital space of energy, you might want to consider placing it in the central part of your home. The kitchen is believed to produce most of the home’s good energy, so by placing it centrally, you will assure that the positive vibes are spread evenly through the whole house. The kitchen’s energy represents nourishment and relationship harmony for the occupants, which is why you want that chi spreading as much as possible.

When choosing kitchen colours, avoid combining black and red in order to prevent causing a crash of fire and water elements. The position of the cooker is also important because it represents nourishment, and it’s good for it not to be positioned under the window or directly facing the kitchen door.

Clean your air

The air you breathe can disrupt your chi just as much as anything else. There are many pollutants that come from dust, accumulated dirt, plants, carbon gases and pets that can easily pollute your air, making it harder to breathe. The shortage of clean air affects the energy flow through your home, which is why you should remember to open the windows at least twice a day to let some fresh air in. This might not be so convenient during winter, which is why you should consider having air purifiers or air conditioning to help you cleanse the air from the inside.

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Position your furniture right

This might be the most important part of your home upgrade because repositioning furniture is easy, yet very few homes do it while still respecting Feng Shui. First of all, make sure that none of your furniture pieces is blocking any entrances to a room. Couches and sofas should be positioned next to a wall in order to give the occupants support. Lamps should be placed in a diagonal position to the room entrance. 

In case you plan on remodelling more rooms at once, try to proportionally allocate space for each of the occupants. This is a way of fostering equality and respect for all members of your home and creating more harmony. Encourage creativity and personalize spaces in order to get the most out of Feng Shui and get that positive chi flowing.

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    September 16, 2019 at 4:52 pm

    Interesting! Might I ask if Feng Shui is directly correlated to Chinese culture? I might not be aware that it would be closely practiced by other cultures as well. I noticed that a lot of my friends of Chinese descent have been practicing Feng Shui in designing their house and arrangement of furniture. Thanks for the tips on this! I also learned from my friend that we shouldn’t face the mattress right in front of the door, something like that! haha.

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