10 Seasonal Garage Maintenance Tips

10 Tips for Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance

February 13, 2018

Many things in a garage door can go wrong and could be expensive enough for you to repair it, most of the things you can prevent to happen by keeping maintaining the garage door seasonally to save your money in your pocket. Here are some tips on how can you do routine maintenance on your garage door to extend its working lifetime.

Time needed: 5 hours.

Here are our 10 Tips for Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance

  1. Maintain a Proper Tool Box or Necessary Equipment

    Without a well-maintained tool, you will have to go towards a garage door repairing professional.
    Maintain a toolbox or a shelf having the necessary equipment.
    Buy branded and not social lubricants.
    Keep hand gloves with you to wear before applying any lubricant or other using other sharp tools.

  2. Set off all Door Opening Tools

    It is difficult to inspect garage door components if an automatic door opening tool is activated, so it is essential to set them off.
    First off all turn off the sensors present at bottom corners of the garage door.
    Plug out automatic door opening device which is attached with cables.

  3. Lubricate All the Rolling Parts

    Lube all the hinges and rollers present in the garage door and roof with a branded lubricant or greasing oil.
    The Lube inside the tubes that are holding the rollers and also prevent it from corrosion.
    There are some other components also that needs to be lubricated, i.e., bottom fixtures.
    Lube the bottom fixtures which are present at the bottom corners of your garage door as it allows the cables to lift the garage door freely.
    Lube well inside the tubes of bottom fixtures that holds the bottom rollers in place.

  4. Replace Cracked or Broken Rollers

    Maybe you have heard much time that the garage door rollers are very important as it has significant contribution on garage door movement.
    Seasonally check all the Rollers, if you find any cracks in the rollers, replace it.
    Lose the fasteners attached on the brackets holding rollers in it.
    The existing roller must be replaced by the new working roller.
    Reapply the hinges.

  5. How to replace bottom rollers safely

    Replacing bottom rollers could be dangerous as the cables are attached to it.
    If the bottom fixtures or rollers are worn out, the first thing you should do is to open the garage door so that the cables get loose.
    Then take off the bolts with the help of socket wrench.
    Take out the tube holding roller; replace the roller with a new one.
    Then fix it back by merely putting the bolts back on.

  6. Avoid Squeaking Sounds

    Because of constant ups and downs garage doors usually sounds irritating.
    It happens when the garage door faces any obstructions like rusting of springs or pulleys.
    Greasing is enough to quiet your garage door from producing a squeaking sound.

    By following the simple DIY garage maintenance tips below, you can avoid costly repairs — both now and for decades to come.

  7. Clean the path between sensors

    Check out the sensors placed at both corners of the garage door.
    If you find any obstruction remove it otherwise, it will not work well
    It is essential to keep the sensor path clean so that the garage door may not close when someone is standing below it. A working sensor can keep your home secure.

  8. Inspect Door Track

    There are many metallic parts attached to the garage door which needs daily inspection.
    Inspect door track if there you see any dust, signs of wear and tear, and dirt, manage them before it creates any obstructions in moving the door.

  9. Check out Cables

    A cable that controls the ups and downs of door eventually breaks.
    Scrutinize the cables as it may have a cutting surface and replace them if you think they are needed.

  10. Inspect Hardware tools

    Rolling of garage door multiple times within a day causes hardware tools to become loosened.
    Occasionally inspect the bolts and other hardware tools.
    If you found any loose bolt, fasten them correctly as soon as possible.

Author’s Bio : Jon works for Acron Garage Doors Ltd – Garage Doors Brighton. Helping clients in complex situations is what he loves most about his job. If not working, Jon can be found behind any new romantic novel. He also loves to blog about his experiences & challenges he faces at work.

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