A Few Kitchen Essentials
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A Few Essentials For Your New Kitchen

March 21, 2019

As a professional chef, the list of necessary kitchen tools and appliances is way too long. But there are a few tools that every small or big kitchen needs. No matter whether you are a professional chef or a homemaker. The below-listed tools are indispensable for the sake of that delicious food you cook.

1. A Cutting Board Is Indispensable.

You need to chop a lot of vegetables and meat. Chopping isn’t as easy as it gets when done on a chopping board or a cutting board. The very first thing in our list is a cutting board. Think of all those things that need to be chopped finely. You simply cannot leave a cutting board out of your necessary tools for your kitchen.

2. How Can You Not Need A Set Of Knives?

For cutting different veggies in different sizes you must have a set of knives in your kitchen. Having said that, a fruit knife cannot slice through the tough and tender muscles of your meat.

3. You Definitely Need A Strainer For Your Vegetables.

Your salad needs to be cleaned after you chop it. Chopped vegetables are very difficult to handle and clean. Therefore you need a vegetable strainer in your kitchen.

4. You Have To Keep Your Clothes Clean.

You don’t want your clothes to be stained with the sauce spills. Therefore you need a chef coat or an apron to keep your clothes from staining. Apart from coats, pants (https://www.tilitnyc.com/collections/chef-pants) are also helpful in keeping your tools handy.

5. A Sauce Pan Is A Must.

You cannot avoid a saucepan at all. For different sauces, you may need different sizes of saucepans. And we all know how difficult it is to prepare a sauce in an ordinary pan.

6. How Will You Whisk Eggs For That Mouth Watering Cake?

Eggs are definitely a topping to almost every delicacy that you prepare. Eggs need to be whisked and mixed properly before they are used. Whisking and mixing with a spoon is not that easy and you know it. That is why you need a whisk to ease this task.

7. You Need Something To Blend Your Salad.

Blending and mixing your salad with a spoon always lacks perfection. A salad blender can ease this task for you. You don’t even need a bowl anymore. Simply put your salad in the blender and push the button. The task is done.

8. You Should Definitely Look For A Frying Pan For The Sake Of Crispy Fries.

A frying pan is meant for frying and saucepan for sauce. You cannot mix these two. A frying pan differs from a saucepan in shape and finish. Your frying pan is coated with a layer of Teflon to prevent your food from sticking to the bottom. Having these tools handy can ease your task. No matter what size is your kitchen or what you cook and what you don’t. These tools are indispensable to every kitchen chef.


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    April 17, 2019 at 3:41 am

    I actually think that a fork whisks eggs well enough, and my hand mixer can do the rest for harder jobs. My mom has a bunch of whisks, but I’ll stick with my fork!

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    James Forrester
    March 31, 2020 at 7:56 am

    I really love to cook and having all these essentials is perfect. Great post!

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