Expert Advice: 5 Sneaky Ways to Make Your Space Look Bigger

5 Sneaky Ways to Make Your Space Look Bigger

July 8, 2019

Decorating smaller spaces can be tricky. They get cluttered pretty easily, they’re hard to keep organised, and when not utilised to their maximum potential, they can feel cramped. However, there are ways to fix this common issue and maximise the use of every inch of your living space. Here’s how you can do it.

Declutter your living space to make it appear bigger

When dealing with limited square footage, there only so many things you can fit in your room without it feeling cluttered and messy. Small rooms look even smaller when there are too many things taking up valuable space, so you might want to take some time to declutter your rooms. Go through your belongings and see what you really need and want to keep, while the rest can be donated, gifted, or sold. Decorate only with those things that “spark joy” in order to create a space that is spacious and appealing.

Go with a light color scheme for a sense of spaciousness

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Another great way to make your interiors look larger than they are is by using a restricted color scheme consisting of lighter hues. White, off-white, and beige are all excellent color choices that will create an illusion of spaciousness. What they do is they reflect the light on their surfaces, making your interior feel open, bright and airy. On the other hand, darker hues shrink the room as they absorb the light and consequently, make it feel smaller, which is why you should definitely avoid them. Consider using the same light shade for walls and ceiling to blur the boundaries and draw the eye up, creating an illusion of a higher ceiling.

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Strategically place your mirrors for a grander feel

A strategically placed mirror goes a long way in creating spaces that feel bigger. An effective decorating tool, mirrors can give an appearance of grander feel if you just pay attention to how you angle them. Don’t limit the use of mirrors only to your bathroom – place them in various places around your home that lack focal points. Hang a mirror or lean it against a wall that faces windows to get the most of natural light, making your space appear modern, bright and airy. Whether you choose to go bold with an oversized mirror leaned on a key wall or hang multiple mirrors for a salon-like effect, you’re sure to give your interior a more open feel.

Open up your living space with effective lighting

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Lighting is an effective design element that can really open up your living space. Address the issue of minimal floor space by using lighting fixtures that will transform your dreary interior into a well-lit abode. The use of organic, simple shapes of lighting styles is one noticeable trend that seems to be on a rise in countries such as Australia. Special attention is being given to local artisans, encouraging homeowners to look closer when selecting lights for their living space. In order to support their local community, homeowners from Sydney get their lights from lighting shops located in Castle Hill – other than brightening up their home with beautiful lighting fixtures, they’re also celebrating home-grown talent.

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Add multifunctional furniture to avoid clutter

In order to lend your home the appearance of a larger space, you need to pay attention to the type of furniture you use to decorate it with. Multifunctional furniture is a godsend for smaller rooms, as it increases the functionality of your living space while also making it feel bigger. A sofa that transforms into a bed, a steamer that doubles as a coffee table and ottomans that come with built-in storage are all versatile pieces worth investing in as they can help create more space in your home, thus keeping it clutter-free.

There you have it – five sneaky ways that will help your space seem bigger. With a couple of room-expanding tricks up your sleeve, you too can transform your small interiors and maximise the use of your square footage.

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