The Return of Maximalism: It's Time to Boost Your Home Style

The Return of Maximalism: It’s Time to Boost Your Home Style in 2019

February 28, 2019

If you love neutral colors, simple lines and fuss-free textures, this is not an article for you! Maximalism with all its elements—bold colors, unexpected mixture of textures, patterns and finishes and eclectic décor is coming back and taking over the world of design. Finally, you can release the hoarder in you and enjoy your over-the-top style. But, you can’t just throw a bunch of things into a room and call it design. Here’s a little guide that will help you create a beautiful maximalist space.

Don’t go easy on color

One of the main elements of maximalism is color—all types of colour and lots of it. If you don’t have plenty of experience working with bold palettes, start with basic colours and build your look from there. Take a look at some maximalism designs for inspiration and you’ll see the frequent use of dark shades like navy blue and dark red, especially for walls. And don’t be scared that you’ll end up with a dungeon of a home. Fill the space with bright and bold accents and patterns and you’ll quickly balance things out.

Feel free to mix textures and patterns

Maximalism: Feel free to mix textures and patterns
For these spaces, more is more—more objects, more patterns, more texture, more color, just more. Feel free to mix textures and patterns.

One great thing about maximalism is that there are no explicit rules. You’re free to match different styles and décor elements and experiment with things as much as you like. A mix of fabrics, patterns and textures is what gives maximalism its recognizable look. Be bold when decorating and you’ll achieve a look that’s interesting and full of personality.

Don’t neglect comfort

All the downsizing and minimalist trends we experienced in the last few years left us hungry for comfort. Sure, we have styles like hygge, but it lacks glamour and luxury we want in our homes. Maximalism is the best choice for those who seek comfort that comes with some serious style. It has plenty of coziness so that you feel nested but it doesn’t look devoid of glam and glitz.

Boost art

From bold colour and luxurious textured fabrics to metallics and detailed pattern,
maximalism brings out the art within us.

Gallery walls are another very prominent design feature of maximalism. Find an empty wall, fill every inch of it with artwork and you’ll be perfectly on-trend with your look. The secret is to forget all that you know about frame, color, subject and style coordinating and opt for the things you like. The only thing to pay attention to when creating your gallery wall is to space art properly. The size of your frames can vary, but the spacing you choose should be uniform.

Play with different time periods

All styles of furniture have a place in maximalism. In fact, mixing different time periods is encouraged when creating your maximalist space. Go from antique colonial oak desks to post-modern Asian-inspired sofas. Spice things up with a mid-century egg chair in a bold color and you’ll achieve a very interesting look that combines maximum comfort with style. It can serve as a fun statement piece and be a cozy little reading nook for those lazy Sunday evenings.

Surround yourself with things you love

The best maximalist homes are filled with things its owners love. So, don’t hesitate to introduce plenty of your favorite colors, fabrics, décor pieces and furniture. When you’re surrounded by the things you love, you’ll feel amazing in your home!

Connect your elements

We established that maximalist décor has no rules when it comes to styles, but there’s a thin line between chaos and a gorgeous eclectic space. So, in order to avoid creating a mess, find a way to connect your pieces from room to room and zone to zone. For instance, you can tie a room together by combining bold-colored walls and similarly-colored throw blankets and pillows. If you manage to connect your piece with one another, you’ll always have a cohesive look no matter how many different styles you include in your design.

With these easy and practical tips and ideas, you’ll create a gorgeous more-is-more look and design a comfortable yet glam maximalist space.

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