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Patio Makeover: Small Changes for a Zen Vibe

December 21, 2018

We all lead a busy lifestyle and rarely have the time to enjoy ourselves with activities designed for relaxation. However, you can always decide to change this and, by remodelling your patio, create a spot where you can always fully unwind. In order to help you transform your mundane patio into a true Zen oasis, we have singled out our favourite makeover tips which are easy to follow. Let’s take a look.


First things first, you can’t expect to create a soothing ambience if the space is overgrown with weeds and tall grass. Instead, you should start by getting rid of all the mess and pick out flowers to create dreamy flowerbeds. For example, Azaleas, Hydrangeas and Camellias can add a lot of colour to the arrangement and their fragrance will contribute to the calming feel you’re trying to achieve. Additionally, you can divide the space on your patio with natural bamboo walls and thus add chic exotic detail to the decor. However, if you truly want to create a Zen space, you can invest in a Japanese cherry tree which will immensely contribute to the overall look of your patio.

Chill seating zone

Creating the perfect chill zone on your patio can be pretty difficult when you don’t have comfy outdoor furniture. For example, if you plan on relaxing with your favourite book or basking in the sun outside, you can bring out a couple of cosy lounge chairs and hammocks. On top of that, woven patio sectional sofas with soft cushions are perfect for seating a large number of guests during get-togethers. Finally, when the evenings get chilly, but you don’t want to move the party inside, you can build an outdoor fireplace which will add a warm and welcoming atmosphere to your cool chill zone.

A patio spa

We all love visiting the spa centre for rest and relaxation, but why go through all the trouble of planning a perfect spa weekend when you can have the same benefits in your own backyard every day. The key to achieving this is investing in a luxury spa. These outdoor spas have many hydrotherapeutic features such as smart jets which can massage all your muscles and help you fully alleviate all the accumulated stress. Alternatively, you can go for a swim spa and activate your entire body with a reinvigorating swim which will help you stay in shape and boost your stamina. Lastly, you could even invest in a classic hot tub for when you want to share an intimate romantic evening with your partner.

Patio lighting ideas

Get creative with patio lighting to not only brighten the space, but also had visual creativity.

Get creative with patio lighting to not only brighten the space but also had visual creativity.

When we talk about the ideal serene ambience on the patio, it’s important to mention the advantages of using appropriate lighting solutions to create a sense of peace and harmony. For instance, you can set the right mood by decorating the entire space with multi-coloured scented candles in glass jars and earth bowls for a mesmerising design. Furthermore, you should hang rustic lanterns and string lights all along your patio for an elegant and gorgeous glow. If you want to shift the focus onto your beautiful greenery arrangements and illuminate your patio at the same time, you can go for breathtaking solar-illuminated planters. As the sun sets, these planters will cast a lovely gloom over your outdoor area and you can even set them to change colour and turn your patio into a true oasis of peace.

Water features

Last but not least, you can’t spell a Zen vibe without elegant water features on the patio. If you want to start off simple, begin by investing in a stone fountain from which the water pours straight into a Koi pond for a timeless look. Additionally, you can place a large ceramic bowl in the middle of your patio and install a light feature underneath the water for a dramatic touch. Of course, you can always go all out with water walls which add a magical element to the outdoor setting and are reminiscent of classic oriental decor designs. Finally, don’t forget to add a table water feature to your seating area with vessels filled with pebbles, lily pads and Papyrus plants.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much effort to turn a neglected patio into a true oasis of relaxation. All you need to do is follow your decor list and not be afraid to make bold design choices. Good luck with your new remodelling project.

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    January 10, 2019 at 3:44 pm

    These ideas are lovely to do, I am skeptical though if I’m able to pull it off. Although I can now imagine me and my friends just chilling on the patio and having a good conversation and laugh. Maybe this could be a project I could do for 2019.

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