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6 Things No One Tells You about Significant Weight Loss

February 26, 2019

Losing a significant amount of weight is an end goal many people have in mind to better themselves and their health. Many may have tried countless weight loss programmes or tried diets before finding the one that works for them. One thing remains true, if you stick to a weight loss programme and follow the advice of a weight loss doctor the end goal is very much within reach. Here are some things people don’t tell you about when you do reach your weight loss goals.

1. People Will Want to Talk to You about Your Weight Loss Programme

People say that it takes you four weeks to notice your body change, eight weeks for your friends and family and twelve for the rest of the world. When you successfully follow a weight loss programme people will notice.

You will be overtly aware of your own weight loss when you reach this point. Apart from compliments along the lines of “you look great,” you will be bombarded with questions like “what have you been doing?” “How much are you planning on losing?” Share your success with your peers and boast your safe and effective weight loss programme, because it will likely work just as well for someone also who needs it.

Try not to be intimidated by the questions and take each and every compliment. You earned it. Learning to humbly accept a compliment will make the process much easier.

2. You May Look Different but You Are Still the Same Person

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Take care of yourself physically and keep pushing. It may inspire you to take on more levels of self-improvement.
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Embrace your new found confidence but weight loss shouldn’t (and won’t) change the person you are. Weight loss will not “fix” everything in your life. However, taking care of yourself physically may inspire you to take on more levels of self-care. Any level of self-care is always a positive thing to introduce into your life.

3. Your Mind Will Take a While to Catch Up

You will not necessarily see what others do, especially after significant weight loss mediated by a weight loss doctor. Give yourself time and embrace the rewards of your hard work, all in your own time.

4. You Should Enjoy Each Milestone before Reaching Your Goal

Even if you are at a weight that is still considered “overweight” you should celebrate it as a milestone for you. Weight loss is a personal journey so do not measure things based on the expectations of others. Set personal goals and celebrate them as such.

5. Maintenance Is As Important as the Initial Weight Loss

You lost all that weight for a reason so maintenance is as important (if not more) than your initial weight loss. Don’t throw all your healthy habits to the wind once you see the number you want to on the scale. Continue on your journey by maintaining a healthy weight and feeling good.

6. A Safe and Effective Weight Loss Programme Takes Time

Hang in there, the weight gained didn’t happen overnight, weight loss takes time. However, if you stick to the weight loss programme and follow the guidelines as prescribed by the weight loss doctor, you will see results!  If you are looking to boast the same success this article discusses, contact weight loss doctors in your area and follow their weight loss programme all the way to success.

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    February 27, 2019 at 5:21 am

    “You Should Enjoy Each Milestone before Reaching Your Goal,” This is something I have to keep in mind as sometimes I get too excited for the results that I forgot about enjoying the journey. I have to take time to enjoy and smell the flowers! Also that nothing worth having is easy, so for everyone on their way to reaching their weight loss goals. Keep on keeping on.

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