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4 Alternative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas that are FREE!

February 2, 2019

The month of February is upon us, and for those in relationships, it means dressing up and making an effort. Or for those of us who are interested, it’s an excuse to step out of your comfort zone and send them flowers. And despite all the protests from frustrated husbands about Valentine’s Day being a money-making scheme, it remains as popular as ever.

If you fall into the above category of protesting husbands, or if you’re a couple that wants to make the day meaningful but not break the bank, then read on. We have coupled a list of fun, fanciful, and FREE date ideas for you. So here is how to surprise or woo your significant other without spending a cent.

Our fresh Valentine’s Day date ideas that are free include:

Plan a surprise, scenic picnic

Pack in a blanket, a bottle of Champagne, glasses and your choice of fruit (we went with strawberries) and drive off to a surprise location. Depending on the weather and options in your area, we suggest picking a quiet, unfamiliar or novel location. To add another level of excitement to this date, make sure you catch the sunset whilst at the location. Nothing screams romantic like being cuddled up on a blanket in the outdoors as the sun sets in the distance. A magical moment spent sipping sparkles and staring out at the beauty around you. Bliss.

Location suggestions: either a quiet beach, botanical garden, parking lot with a view, a national park or lake.

Simple, yet romantic valentines date idea. A blanket, a bottle of wine, some fruit and a VIEW.

Simple, yet romantic. A blanket, a bottle of wine, some fruit and a VIEW. Photo by Daria Litvinova on Unsplash

Make it historic

Dress up as sophisticated and educated as you can, and head down to the local museum or gallery. Now is a great time to finally getting around to exploring your city and it’s historic or cultural roots. As you both pace slowly past old artefacts, you can make shrewd remarks about what dating may have been like back then. For an element of humour, take turns making crude/suggestive statements regarding the displays. “Darling, I’d love to dip you in formaldehyde and keep you around forever.”

Places of interest to prowl around in: art, heritage and science museums, art galleries or historic monuments.

Lend a hand at an animal shelter

Want your partner to ooze over just how caring and considerate you are for the planet? Then make a stop at an animal shelter or volunteer at an organisation for the day. As you roll up your sleeves to milk a motherless lamb or dip your hands into the soapy water to wash a stray kitten, your partner will go weak in the knees. Not only is volunteering or helping out in your community a great way to give back, but it also makes you feel good and builds on your closeness as a couple.

Places that need help: animal welfare, children’s hospitals, conservation or nature reserves, local NGOs, reduce plastic waste 

Masterchef: Home Edition

No, we are not suggesting a home-cooked dinner as a Valentine’s Day date idea. That is so 2007. It’s boring and has lost appeal from the over-abuse by endless lazy doucebags that couldn’t think of something original. So here’s an alternative – stock the kitchen up with several popular ingredients and battle it out. Each one of you is responsible for two signature courses – choose between drinks, starters, main course or dessert. As you dash past each other in the kitchen, stealing competitive glances (and also kisses), you finally end up with a delicious 3-course meal and cocktails to share. It’s a great bonding exercise and working in a confined space force the two of you to share, compromise and cook (disclaimer: we are not responsible for breakups or broken glassware). Bon appétit.

Suggested cuisines: Moroccan, Mexican, Korean or Thai

Suggested cocktails: chocolate martini, chilli margarita or watermelon mojito

With these fresh, fun and FREE Valentine’s date ideas for 2019, you don’t need to think twice about splashing out on any of your savings. There is an endless amount of alternative date ideas for you to pick from online or you can come up with your own. We hope this list helped you out and that you have a wonderful, romantic and loving February.

Alternative, Free Valentine's Day Date Ideas for 2019 (Pin it)

Alternative, Free Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for 2019 (Pin it)



  • Reply
    Emily N.
    February 14, 2019 at 10:34 am

    We love historic/pretentious outings as well ? for our 9th anniversary we went totally vintage, victory curls and all! Went to an old theater and watched My Gal Friday.

    ~ Emily from So Sunny Day

  • Reply
    July 13, 2019 at 5:18 pm

    Such a long time myself and my partner have not enjoyed the picnic together. Thanks for the tip as a reminder!

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