Should You Give Up on Writing When You Have Kids?
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Should You Give Up on Writing When You Have Kids?

October 8, 2019

Nothing is the same after you have kids. While adding new members to the family can mean big life changes, keeping some things the same can help you establish a sense of normalcy. If you enjoy sending appreciation cards to clients or employees, here are some reasons to keep writing and sending them even after you have kids.

1. Do Something for Yourself

Most parents spend the majority of their time doing things for their children. From making meals and changing diapers to playing hide and seek, it can be easy to let an entire day go by without having a moment to spend doing something adult. Writing a card can allow you to communicate with another grown up and give you at least five minutes to stop and focus on yourself and your clients or employees.

2. Show Appreciation

As you raise your kids, employees or clients will hopefully be understanding and even helpful when unexpected situations arise. When a client lets you reschedule a meeting because your child is sick or your employee gets your kid a birthday gift, sending appreciation cards can allow you to express your gratitude. People can be more likely to want to help you out more if they feel appreciated when they make efforts to help you.

3. Teach Kids Good Habits

it’s a well-known fact that kids watch, and tend to mimic, what adults do. When they see you prioritizing others by taking the time to send them a card, it can teach kids the importance of being grateful. It can also teach them that sometimes doing something small for someone else, like sending them a card, can be an easy way to bring a smile to someone’s face.

Get creative - send out appreciation cards.
Get creative – send out appreciation cards. (photo:unsplash)

4. Celebrate Little Moments

Life with kids can be busy, and it is sometimes easy to let the small moments slip by unnoticed. Taking time to point out even the little things your employees do for you or celebrate small victories with clients can help you stay positive and make your life more fun for you and your little ones. Sending a card is an excellent way to help kids find the fun and the joy in the small moments of life.

5. Help Kids Get Creative

Even toddlers can enjoy picking out a card to send to someone. Let them help choose the pictures and get creative. You can talk about the colours on the cards and involve them in writing out a special message. Designing and writing cards can be an easy and fun way to help kids start thinking creatively and learning how to express themselves.

When you need noteworthy appreciation cards to send, Cards for Causes is sure to have the perfect ones. Choose from a wide variety of styles and customize them with your name or a personal message from you or your business. From options for specific industries, such as real estate, and certain good business practices such as referrals, you can find a card that expresses your gratitude. Sit your kids down and have fun choosing cards for the special people you work with today.

About the author: Sarah Grace Del Rosario is a blogger from Cards For Causes. We match businesses with vetted marketing experts and help measure and manage their performance, to ensure marketing success. When not working, Sarah loves to travel and paint. She also does event styling for events like wedding and birthday celebrations. Find her on Twitter and Facebook.

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