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How to Indulge This Holiday without Tipping the Scales

December 10, 2018

Most people’s New Year’s Resolutions include something to do with weight loss and fitness, usually after waking up from a holiday-induced food coma filled with big family feasts and tasty treats. This article will help you stay on track using healthy meals so that you can enjoy the festivities without derailing your weight loss efforts.

Don’t Deny Yourself, but Everything in Moderation

Letting the festive season pass by without touching your favourite food items is sure to drive anyone mad. The rule of thumb when it comes to this is to indulge on the special days, have a gingerbread man biscuit on Christmas Eve or some Kugel during Hanukkah, in moderation.

The key is to not overindulging is portion control – the most important factor when it comes to avoiding weight gain over the holidays. This means you should enjoy one or two days out of the year where weight loss can still be your goal but shouldn’t spoil your day. Mindful eating is important but letting obsessive behaviour take away from the special day is not what anyone is after.

On the day of the holiday have some of your favourites but in smaller portions. Even better have a reinvented, healthier version of your holiday favourite, such as this healthy yoghurt milk tart recipe. You don’t have to throw your weight loss programme aside simply because it’s December.

Healthy Yogurt Milk Tart Recipe

Have Healthy Options Available for Everyone

If you have been invited to multiple holiday parties bring along a healthy dish for everyone to enjoy with you. Having a healthy meal option is in your power if you are constantly mindful of your weight loss goals and if you plan ahead.

This way you can have some control over what is served and the calories you are consuming while sharing your healthy dish with family and friends. Who knows, next year something like this healthy and delicious apple crumble recipe could become a holiday favourite?!

You can read more tips on how to keep your weight loss programme on track this holiday here. The most important thing to remember is that taking on a weight loss programme is a journey so choose one that makes your health a way of life.

If you are thinking of tackling your weight loss goal in the New Year contact Slender Wonder and you could lose 4 kg’s in the first month!

Happy holidays!

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    January 10, 2019 at 5:30 pm

    I think that applies to everything in life, “Everything in moderation.” “Too much of something is a bad thing.” I guess it’s the holiday spirit that brings out the festive mood in us that we tend to forget to eat and drink moderately! I would definitely consider serving healthy food choices during holiday celebrations.

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