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Dear Parents, Time is Precious

April 15, 2019

Make an extra effort today to leave the phone alone and be whole-heartedly present. You only get to watch your kids grow up once so think about your priorities! Life is busy but your children are more important.

I am a granny – call me old school. Please parents when you collect your children put away your cellphone. I wish you could see your child’s face when they have waited the whole day to see you or tell you something and you arrive and you talking on your cellphone. Your child is crushed. Why do you take your child to swim, karate or ballet and fiddle on your cell phone the entire time? Blink. You have 936 weekends with your child until they matriculate. Blink. My grandson always looks to me when I take him to the sport to acknowledge him. Every time he looks at me he knows that I will be watching him because he is important to me and I know my time with him is very precious because very soon he will grow up and I will be an uncool granny.

Parents are often too caught up with work or social media, and forget to appreciate their children.
Parents are often too caught up with work or social media, and forget to appreciate their children.

Children look up at their parents for acknowledgement and affirmation. There is nothing worse than a kid looking at a parent who is distracted or engulfed in a mobile phone or laptop.

Beautiful words and a kind reminder to all parents! I hope you have the courage to share this message! This is a powerful warning to parents of young children to cherish every moment. Because, before long, your kids would have grown up and you may have missed it.

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    April 16, 2019 at 9:53 pm

    Everyone knows this is true, but it’s so hard to live by! We all need reminders sometimes to leave social media behind and live in the real world.

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