Top Podcasts for Women in their 30s

Top Podcasts for Women in Their 30’s

November 22, 2020

On your way to work or doing chores at home? Why not listen to a podcast? You will not have to stare at a screen for a few hours (which might cause you to have an eye strain); you just have to continue with your activity while listening to the hosts, and guests, discuss the topic. Not only does this allow you to multitask, but you can also pick up some useful information along the way!

There is a wide range of podcasts topics, from mindfulness to business, self-improvement and parenting to true crime, and entertainment to daily news. Compared to radio stations which can only touch-and-go on the topics, podcasts can provide more insight since you will be choosing the podcast that you want to listen to.

For women in their 30s, here’s a list of podcasts that we think are for you! While there are many other podcasts, these podcasts share stories which you might not have heard of or conversations that you are unable to hold with your friends.

1.The Travelling Introvert

Being an introvert, or extroverted introvert, is not easy, and Janice Chaka knows it. As an introvert, Janice does not let the label of ‘introvert’ define her. Instead, she went against the typical stereotypes of an introvert and went out to help introverts to step out of their comfort zones. Topics include “How to Nail a Video Interview”, “Building a Brand as an Introvert”, and “Introverting with other Introverts”.

2. Jill on Money

Hosted by Jill Schlesinger, Jill on Money touches on topics related to finances. This podcast should be listened to by those who want to better manage their money, learn more about finances, or gain perspectives on retirement planning. For those who are new to the finance world, fear not, Jill rarely uses jargons; even if she does, she will explain it in a way that all will understand.

This podcast is also suitable for those who can’t seem to focus for long as most of the episodes are below 20 minutes.

3. My Favourite Murder

Interested in true crime stories and a fan of comedy? Then this is for you. Hosted by Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff, the podcast has been released since 2016 and has a rating of 19 million. With over a hundred episodes, you will be able to listen to the stories from the hosts, and lifelong true crime fans, from dawn till night.

4. Terrible, Thanks For Asking

More often than not, when we are asked how we are doing, we tend to give the template reply of “I’m doing fine; what about you?”. In ‘Terrible, Thanks for Asking’, Nora McInerny invites people to share their honest feelings, be it how sad, funny, or happy it is.

The podcast aims to deliver the message that “it is okay to share your honest feelings, regardless of how terrible it is; do not mask your feelings by pretending that all is well”.

5. The Michelle Obama Podcast

Michelle Obama has officially launched her eponymous podcast on Spotify. The Michelle Obama Podcast highlights the former First Lady diving deep into discussions with loved ones—family, friends, and colleagues—on the relationships in our lives that make us who we are. The episodes are wholesome, intimate and suspiciously vague.

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