How can I eat well during pregnancy?

How can I eat well during pregnancy?

July 1, 2020

Nutrition is essential to the baby’s growth inside your womb. A healthy pregnancy is your foremost goal which is why it is important that you are aware of what specific nutrients you need.

If you ask doctors and nutritionists, they will tell you that there is no magic formula in staying healthy during the course of your pregnancy. However, you have to make sure the following are given more attention as these are essential to the baby’s development:

Start to change

It is an advantage if you have been living a healthy lifestyle even before you got pregnant as it means you don’t need to make too many changes to your eating habits. You might just need to be educated on the particular nutrients a pregnant woman should get and that information has already been provided to you.

However, if you are not a “healthy eater,” there will be a lot of adjustments that have to be done in your diet and in your eating habits. The transition could be difficult but you have to take into consideration the health of your unborn child.

You have to understand, though, that eating for two doesn’t mean you have to eat more because that is not healthy at all. The idea is to eat healthier foods. Having a baby is life-changing and you have to start by changing your eating habits for the sake of the baby.

When you change your eating habits, quit drinking alcohol too.

Are you a sushi fan? You’ll have to keep out of raw and undercooked foods because these are possible sources of bacteria that can harm the baby. You also have to ensure that you don’t eat fish with traces of mercury as it hinders the unborn child’s brain development.

You also have to do away with drinking alcoholic beverages. Caffeine is also unacceptable. Try decaffeinated coffee or tea instead. An even better alternative is to drink skim milk and fresh fruit juice.

Ensure that you are taking prenatal vitamin supplements.

Your doctor will give you some prenatal vitamin supplements to make sure that you are getting the nutrients you need for a healthy pregnancy until delivery. Folic acid supplements are usually recommended at the start of the pregnancy to prevent congenital birth defects.

As you progress into the pregnancy, your doctor will add in iron and calcium supplements to prevent anemia and to ensure that your baby develops strong bones.

There are expectant moms who are being treated for other medical conditions. This is the reason why prenatal checkups are a must. Aside from ensuring that you have a safe and healthy pregnancy, you have to ensure that you are getting the right nutrients despite having another medical condition. Your doctor should be able to make adjustments and recommendations especially if there are medications that you are taking for certain medical conditions. You’ll never know if these medications will affect the baby’s development.

Dieting has no room during pregnancy

Do not attempt to go on a diet while pregnant as it can put you and the baby at risk. Most diet menu plans aim to cut down on calorie intake, but other vitamins and minerals are also affected, including folate and iron. Weight gain is always a sign that you are eating right and getting the right amounts of 2nutrients.

If your concern is you don’t want to gain too much weight during the pregnancy, then you can cook with an air fryer, preferably from Cosori as it’s a good brand.  Eating right is an integral part of pregnancy. If you are eating healthy foods, you don’t have to worry about gaining too much weight.

Eat smaller meals several times a day

Most fitness trainers recommend eating at least six smaller meals a day instead of the regular full meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This will also do you good now that you are expecting. Nausea and vomiting are quite common among pregnant women, particularly during the first trimester, so the traditional three full meals per day would be unpleasant.

Eat every time you feel hungry. This is normal since there is a baby growing inside you who needs as much nourishments he or she can get. Satisfy your cravings with healthy meals and snacks. Eating in between traditional meals doesn’t mean you have the license to eat whatever you like such as junk food and sweets. There is still the calorie count to think about.

It’s okay to reward yourself once in a while.

While you are advised to veer away from sweets and sugar-heavy desserts, give yourself a treat once in a while. It doesn’t mean, though, that you can eat a whole chocolate cake or half a pizza. You can still snack on your favorite cake while pregnant, but do so in moderation. You can also try making a banana or mango smoothie. You can also find non-fat sorbet available in the market today.

Eating healthy while pregnant doesn’t mean depriving yourself of your cravings. A single chocolate chip cookie won’t do you any harm.

Plus-Size and Pregnant

It can be quite hard for an expectant mom who is also on the hefty side. There will always be that apprehension of gaining a lot more weight compared to other pregnant women who have average body size.

Yes, this is not the time to diet or cut back on your calorie intake, but there are still a few things that you can do to ensure that you don’t gain too much weight.

  • Go easy on sugary snacks and desserts. If your meals are not complete without desserts, you can try the healthy alternative by eating fruits instead.
  • What you need is discipline to ensure that you have a safe pregnancy.
  • It might be helpful if you maintain a food diary wherein you can list down what you have eaten for the day. This makes it easier to track your cravings and what you ate to satisfy them. It will also give you the chance to spot mood swings and if you ever ate because you were too upset. Mood swings are common among pregnant women so the journal will help you determine mood and hunger patterns.
  • If you have issues or eating disorders, it is important that you let your doctor know.


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