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Things to Do With Your Toddler in Winter

October 7, 2019

Winter can be a tricky time of year when it comes to finding activities to do with your toddler. The weather’s usually pretty cold and can sometimes be rainy too – so thinking of both indoor and outdoor things to do with your toddler in winter is key. Here are some of our favourite things to do in winter.

Craft Day

A day of making all sorts of mess and fun indoors will keep your toddler so busy! You could help your toddler with colouring in some colouring books, or get super creative by glueing and sticking bits and pieces. You could take a picture from a colouring book and stick down little pieces of tissue paper to “colour” them in. Toddlers also enjoy getting creative with play-doh. It can get a bit messy though, especially if you’re using it on the carpet. I’d suggest either popping an old bedsheet on the floor under the table first or using a “messy mat” which is just a big, reusable plastic mat that’s great for protecting your floors!

Craft day is an easy and fun winter activity for toddlers.
Craft day is an easy and fun winter activity for toddlers // photo: unsplash

Make Bird Feeders

Using a cardboard tube rolled in peanut butter, little ones can help roll the tube in birdseed and pop it outside for the birds. This is another slightly messier activity with the sticky peanut butter, but little ones will love that aspect – and to know they’re feeding the birds too. If you’re all quiet enough, after placing it outside, you may get to see some birds eating your creation!

How to make a bird feeder (DIY for kids)

Make a Den/Fort

I don’t know about your little ones, but my toddlers have always had an obsession with taking all of the cushions off the sofa, onto the floor. This sparked the idea of making a little den/fort and my toddlers had so much fun – until the cushions get knocked over, haha. When the den/fort is built, your toddler will have so much fun playing in there with their teddies – they may want you to join in too!

A Cosy Pyjama Day

We all love a cosy, home day, don’t we? It’s a perfect winter treat to get all snuggled up on the sofa with some blankets and watch films all day. If your toddlers get a little distracted, you could also play some toddler-friendly games too! Spot the difference and pairing up picture cards is super fun and also really good for teaching our toddlers new words and objects. You can easily make some “spot the difference” pictures and picture-pairing cards on your computer too.

Baking is Fun!

Let’s be honest, it’s usually the adults that end up doing all of the steps of the baking, haha! Most toddlers LOVE getting messy, and also really enjoy helping out where they can – this helps them to learn independence!

After measuring all of the ingredients, your toddler can help pour them out into the mixing bowl and have fun mixing them all together. Spooning the mixture out may need a little assistance though. Your little one will be super excited to be able to eat the cakes they’ve helped bake!

If you’re unsure what to bake with your toddler, I recommend either buying a packet cake mixture as you only need to add a few ingredients. Or, think back to your school days and make chocolate cornflake or rice crispy cakes. These are great as they don’t take too long at all and require no baking. Just be sure to let the chocolate cool a bit before letting you little one mix it together – you can lick the spoon clean afterwards too!

Outdoor Adventure

Toddlers will love exploring outdoors and discovering new things. If it’s super cold or wet, be sure to wrap up warm. Maybe you’ll go to your local park or woods.

On a rainy day, your toddler can have fun splashing and jumping in all of the puddles and looking for all kinds of bugs – my toddlers enjoy showing me all the snails and worms they see!

Toddler outside in winter
If the weather isn’t too wild, go out and explore // photo:unsplash

If it’s been a super frosty morning or even snowy – you can ask your toddler to be super quiet to see if they can hear the grass crunching beneath their feet.

While on your outdoor adventure, you and your toddler could collect some twigs and leaves to take home and craft with. You could help your toddler to create a picture of your adventure by sticking them onto a piece of paper and writing about it.

My toddlers went through a phase of collecting stones – if yours does too, you could pop them all in an empty bottle, close the lid and you now have a shaker bottle/rattle! Toddlers love discovering different ways of making noises, so this will surely be a hit!

I hope you have found some inspiration for things to do with your toddler in winter!

This post has been written by Katherine over at MamaHomeLife. Katherine is a “do it all from home” mum of two girls who are just 13 months apart. See more of her stories on Instagram.

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