Day Zero: Cape Town's Water Crisis
Cape Town

Day Zero: The Water Crisis in Cape Town

January 24, 2018

It is widespread knowledge that Cape Town, South Africa is suffering one of the worst droughts in its history. The city is currently facing massive water restrictions and is under heavy threats regarding completely running out of available drinking water. Residents are urged to reduce water usage to an absolute minimum; using only fresh water for drinking and cooking. Grey water is recommended for flushing toilets and watering plants.

There are talks about water access being cut-off in households, and civilians needing to queue to collect water from public points.

Day Zero – when the taps in suburbia are switched off – has moved from the realm of possibility to probability. There is no way in which water augmentation schemes will compensate for our ongoing failure to curb demand sufficiently in the short term. – The Daily Maverick

We have officially begun the countdown to #dayzero.

It is not a matter of when, but rather, what can we expect when it arrives, how can we ensure sufficient water is available for each household, and how can we recover.

Photo Credit: BBC

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