5 Plant-Based Restaurants in Cape Town
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5 Plant-Based Restaurants in Cape Town

December 1, 2020

There’s so much evidence proving that a plant-based diet is beneficial for your health and the environment. As a result, plant-based eating is achieving the recognition it deserves across the world including, our local slice of paradise, Cape Town.

But, as any Capetonian will tell you, part of eating well is outsourcing your cooking to the Mother City’s world-class chefs, cooks, and foodies. And now more than ever going out to eat or ordering in is going to help maintain businesses during these trying times.

Whether you are an established vegan, beginning to transition to a plant-based diet, or choosing to eat plant-based more often, this list of plant-based restaurants in Cape Town should help you find exciting spots to eat out – or order in – when you want to switch things up a bit.

The restaurants on this list are rated on: the innovation of the menu, the vibe, and ultimately, its ability to convert your non-vegan friends over to the greenside. 🌱

  1. Scheckter’s Raw

Situated on the bustling Regent Road in Sea Point and a five-minute walk to the Sea Point promenade, you’ll find Scheckter’s Raw an intimate vegan restaurant with an incredible menu.

This vegan cafe also has a wide selection of snacks, revitalising juice cleanses and deserts. They also offer free delivery to a few suburbs.

  1. Lekker Vegan

If you want to immerse yourself in the Mother City vibe there’s nothing more local than Lekker Vegan – the name says it all. Lekker Vegan on Kloof Street has the atmosphere that’s synonymous with all things Cape Town. The menu centres around local cuisine with a plant-based twist. Now you can satisfy your craving with some lip-smacking local food, lekker gatsby’s and bring your friends over to the green side with a twist on their favourite meals.

  1. Herbivorous

Based in Milnerton, Herbivorous has an innovative plant-based menu. This artisan kitchen gives ethical eating a new look with a comforting menu that includes your basics – like sandwiches and salads – but also has to-die-for deserts. The best part is that while we are still being encouraged to social-distance, you can order their entire menu online, with a hassle-free process.

  1. The Sunshine Food Co

A staple restaurant in the plant-based community, Sunshine Food Co is most famous for its bunless burger – if you haven’t tried it yet, it’s a must.

The atmosphere at the cafe is casual with a great sense of community. If you frequent it, you’ll quickly become friends with the guys at the register who will walk you through the menu while they whip up the most delicious raw smoothies.

  1. Raw and Roxy

If you’re in the City Centre you have to head over to Raw and Roxy on Hout Street. Everything on the menu – including the pizza – is created using raw organic ingredients. The idea behind the restaurant is to present a different point of view on the raw diet and showcase how satisfying it can be.

The dining experience is also one-of-a-kind, offering the perfect blend between fine dining and cosy cafe (perfect date location). If you’re ever there, try the out-of-this-world Tiramisu deluxe and one of their pasta dishes, all of which are organic and gluten-free.

Have any more plant-based restaurants we should check out? Let us know below! 🌱

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    Avileena Dutta
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    I am definitely thinking of coming to Cape Town, and your blog is just the tool I need to plan my far future trip 😉

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