Best Places to Eat in Cape Town during Summer
Cape Town

Best Places to Eat in Cape Town During Summer

February 7, 2018

My favourite topic in the world- and thankfully Cape Town knows just how to feed me and just what I love to eat! In the week that I spent here in Cape Town, not one day was a bad day. This means that when I have a good day, it’s because I also ate like a queen.

Let us get right into this! Our first day, we went straight to the V&A Waterfront to explore your options. Some places are tourist traps (the bottom restaurants of the wharf) but once you get to the top portions of the mall with the views- you’ve hit the jackpot! You can also stop by the V&A Street Food Market for something amazing and quick!!

Baía Seafood Restaurant

Located on the top floor of entrance 5 of the Victoria Wharf (the mall) was the first place we went to that really set the bar for the rest of the vacation. The food was incredible, but the ambience. The ambience was magical; right on the water and facing all of Table Mountain, this place is amazing. Table Mountain’s view from the restaurant is the best though, especially when the cloud sits on the mountain- breathtaking. The restaurant is fancy but not too formal and the best part, not expensive at all- I was shocked at how low the prices were in all of Cape Town so I went ham hahaha. What to order? KINGKLIP first and foremost- this is their local fish and I promise you, you have never tried a fish better than this. We also ordered a nice grilled calamari/octopus as well as a shrimp and langoustine ceviche. Perfect.

Jonkershuis in Groot Constantia

The restaurant inside of Groot Constantia, which is an absolute MUST. The winery and the surroundings are the most beautiful views I have ever seen in a winery and this is the oldest, most prestigious one that Cape Town has. They have been open and operating since 1685 and they have a ton of not Gold, but Platinum medal-winning wines. Incredible. This place too, so incredibly reasonable in price- we ordered double Cheese and Charcuterie boards, local Coastal Soles, Ribeye Steaks, desserts and 3 haha yes 3 bottles of wine- all for R300pp. INSANE!! Sorry, after 3 bottles of wine too, the last thing I was thinking about taking a picture of my dessert, but just look at this gem and get a nice little table outside if you can.

Quay Four in the V&A Waterfront

This was one of my preferred spots because it was full of people, it was right on the water, had great cocktails with great views and it was either casual or formal depending on what you were feeling that day/night. Upstairs was the formal area and down was casual. We always stayed upstairs since I wanted to try the sushi and we just kept going up there from then on haha. We ordered platters of grilled shrimp, lobsters and calamari and it was so perfect. And right on the water, what more could you ask for? They do have a great special going on every day- A glass of champagne with 12 oysters. I am moving to Cape Town. So clearly we went all out on those, but then ordered 2 grilled shellfish platters, a beautiful Kudu Lamb Shank and the most amazing Chateaubriand I have ever had. Quay Four is also where I discovered my all time favourite dessert- Malva Pudding… OMG, I can’t even explain what it is or how to make it but it was ridiculous. Imagine a Mastro’s Oceanclub Butter Cake and multiply it by a thousand. What a dessert. I had it in every single restaurant from then on. 

The Codfather at Camps Bay

Just the name is marvellous, you can only visualise the food!!! Right in the heart of Camps Bay (one of the most exclusive areas of Cape Town) this elegant restaurant overlooks the water and has the most unbelievable seafood I have ever seen. Displays and displays of lobsters, langoustines, giant shrimp, calamari and much much more! What a place. We sat down, ordered a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc that came from Groot and it was right to the glass shellfish display. You go to the display to choose all the seafood that you want, it is all priced by weight, and they put it on the grill for you and serve it to you in a huge pan- incredible. Another amazing thing about this restaurant for you Sushi lovers is the rotating sushi belt they have. You can either dine in the main room or in the sushi room but even if you choose the sushi room, you can go there, grab whatever you want and bring it to the main room. All the plates are priced by colour which makes it nice and simple. To top this lunch off?? Pick a signature dessert from the menu.

More Gems in Camps Bay

Should you opt to stay in Camps Bay , when you wake up, take a nice long walk around the area as it is full of little cafés and restaurants overlooking the beach. It is absolutely gorgeous! We stopped at Maison J first for a wonderful cappuccino and a couple croissants. I had a cream filled one and my dad had an almond one- I swear, you can close your eyes and you’re in Europe or Puerto Rico. From there we took that beautiful walk down the boardwalk (not really a boardwalk but a street walk along the beach haha) and took in all the scenery, checked out our next food destinations and of course, stopped for a glass of Rosé. Rosé was perfect, again overlooking the gorgeous water, we stopped at La Belle Bistro. It was the perfect day.

Another gem of a restaurant with a view, MAReSOL is a Brazilian restaurant with the best chicken special in the world haha. They have a whole Peri-Peri Chicken that comes with salad and fries for $8!! It was nuts.. and here we are thinking that we were going to eat light, and this beast of a chicken comes out! Cooked to perfection with crispy skin and the spicy Peri-Peri was on point. It was by far the best chicken I have had- remarkably tender, it just fell off the bone. We paired this with some more oysters and some grilled calamari – another restaurant not to miss, especially for the view. Absolutely gorgeous.

Le Pommier in Stellenbosch

This was a little lunch that we had included in our Wineland tour- it wasn’t exactly what I would have chosen but we had such a great time. We were with the other people on our tour and being that the ambience and company were so great- so was everything else. This place had a gorgeous scenery too it and it was in the heart of Stellenbosch. They served traditional Cape Malay cuisine and since that means a lot of curries, I opted for the Chicken Curry and a fabulous dessert. It was the perfect ending to an epic wine day. I would go back in a heartbeat, even for a glass of wine only. Look how adorable this place is- view can’t be beaten. This is definitely a Valentine’s Day date idea.

Here is a recap of some of the most amazing dining options for your next Cape Town visit!

  • V&A Waterfront- you can’t go wrong with any of these places (just stay away from the downstairs mall restaurants)!
  • V&A street food market
  • Baía Seafood Restaurant in the Wharf
  • Quay Four (upstairs or downstairs)
  • MAReSOL Brazilian on the water
  • Jonkershuis
  • CodFather in Camps Bay
  • Le Pommier Wine Estate, Stellenbosch
  • Mama Africa on Long Street, Downtown
  • And so much mor

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