Top 10 Best Spiritual Retreats in South Africa
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Spiritual Retreats in South Africa

March 5, 2020

Embarking on a spiritual journey is something that makes life a little fuller, more fulfilling and allows you to enjoy life with a sense of presence and peace of mind! Whatever your reason for seeking a more spiritual approach to life, it is ultimately a choice that leads towards happiness and bliss.

South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries on the “mother continent” of Africa and has many varieties of spiritual retreats for your spirit to take refuge and look within. Find sanctuary and peace with yourself and create true harmony in your life as you disappear and join one of the top 10 best spiritual retreats in South Africa!

South Africa boasts vast stretches of open land and easy escapes for those wanting to indulge in deep spirituality
Photo by Kevin Healy on Unsplash

10 Best Spiritual Retreats in South Africa

It can be hard to make time for spiritual practices in our daily lives, with the pressure we put on ourselves at work, with family, responsibilities and the plethora of other distractions. Finding the discipline required for daily meditation, yoga or reflection seems to slip by, and that’s where spiritual retreats come in.

You can spend time among people who are on a similar path, with the same goals, and who will keep you on track. You can also be lead by instructors and gurus who can teach you what you are wanting to know and keep you in the kind of space required to nourish yourself spiritually. With no distractions, the time spent on a spiritual retreat is guaranteed to be truly transformative and regenerative!

1. Kadampa Meditation Centre

Found in the coastal city of Durban, the Kadampa Meditation Centre offers a variety of ways for people to get together and find spiritual healing.

Whether you want to book daily meditation classes, enjoy inspiring events or study spiritual courses, go on a day-trip retreat or escape for weeks, KMC will provide! With a focus on ‘modern Buddhism’, you will find ways to experience enlightenment with profound methods.

2. Bodhi Khaya Retreat Centre

If you are looking for a sanctuary for your spirit whilst being in the heart of nature, then Bodhi Khaya Retreat is perfect for you.

Find holistic and spiritually transformative retreats, and change your life by partaking in one of the opportunities provided by this centre. Learn from Bhudist monks, and experience the kind of calm that will allow you to illuminate from within!

3. Waterfall Retreat & Environment Centre

Meet others in a space devoted to preserving a natural environment for human beings of all races, cultures, and backgrounds, to enjoy harmony and bliss between each other as well as within themselves.

The Waterfall Retreat and Environment Centre provides gentle and impactful mindfulness retreats in KZN, as well as courses from wise visiting teachers. This centre values respect for life, the environment whilst promoting peace and well being.

4. Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat Centre

Dharmagiri directly translates to “sacred mountain”, and has been named after the mountain it continuously finds inspiration from. Nestled just by the border between Lesotho and South Africa, this small centre offers intimate meditation retreats as well as insightful courses.

The Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat is devoted to providing spiritual awakening to people from all over the world, and is a part of the international Buddhist community. Find one of the best silent retreats South Africa has with world-class teachers amongst the breathtaking landscapes of South Africa’s mountain ranges!

5. The Buddhist Retreat Centre

Journey to Ixopo to enjoy bliss, joy, and stillness at the Buddhist Retreat Centre (BRC). This centre is perched in a stunning valley along the Umkomaas River and has views over a myriad of mesmerizing indigenous landscapes and valleys.

The BRC has been granted custodianship over saving the endangered species of rare Blue Swallow by the Endangered Wildlife Trust, you can, therefore, experience the magic of these creatures during your stay. The BRC provides an astounding amount of high-quality meditation, yoga and wellness retreats!

6. Emoyeni Retreat Centre

Found on the majestic slopes of the Magaliesberg mountains, the Emoyeni Retreat Centre has been named after the Zulu word meaning “Place of the Spirit”.

They promote a Buddhist lifestyle and are devoted to teaching mindfulness and meditation. Adding to this, they teach compassion and wisdom to all those who choose to partake in their inspiring spiritual retreats, or even those wanting to simply visit for the day to enjoy a space for introspection.

7. Blue Butterfly Retreat Centre

Everyone knows that a good dose of Mother Nature is good for the soul, and allows us to connect more deeply with ourselves and our spirits.

The Blue Butterfly Retreat Centre is found within the Welbedacht Nature Reserve and acknowledges the healing power of being outdoors! Enjoy massage classes, chanting, meditation and yoga sessions during your retreat, as well as fun activities like swimming and hiking.

8. Satori Farm Eco Retreat Centre

Founded on preserving the connection between us and nature, the Satori Farm Eco Retreat promotes a profoundly spiritual and grounding approach to wellness.

Enjoy shamanic drumming, yoga sessions, Reiki, and Pilates classes, as well as, meditation gatherings. These retreats will leave you feeling like a new person, and allow you the chance to breathe again as you partake in down-to-earth activities designed to cultivate inner peace!

9.  Hearth and Soul Eco Farm

Near Stanford, you will find the exquisite and truly magnificent Hearth and Soul Eco Farm. Enjoy the peace and quiet in a secluded environment, far away from the city and all of the distracting things that come along with it!

Again, this resort is founded on the principles of simplicity and serenity, the retreats focus of providing a space of peace as you partake in yoga retreats, meditation, and nature walks.

10. Bijlia Cana Wellness Retreat Centre

Find your centre within a space that creates a tranquil ambience whilst still maintaining a level of luxury. The Bijlia Canna Wellness Retreat Centre is within a Tuscan-style house, and provides one of the best wellness retreats South Africa offers!

You can find retreats that last 2 – 6 days long, and each one with a focus on a particular aspect of mindfulness and wellbeing. Also, you can also visit during the day for their fantastic holistic treatments, such as shiatsu, reiki, reflexology, and crystal therapy.

11. Hilde Hay Retreats

As a bonus, we have included Hilde’s collection of retreats. She organises regular retreats in nature. The experience promises to open your senses and allow you to reconnect with your core. Her Facebook page highlights the latest retreats on offer. Join them for mediation, spirituality, and silence.

To conclude

No matter which retreat speaks to your soul, you are offered a sanctuary for yourself to find the peace and quiet to blossom in ways that you thought weren’t possible. Even one day spent at each of these retreats will be truly rewarding!

Some also feel that travelling can be a way of spiritually reclaiming your freedom and refreshing yourself! There is a myriad of places in Africa that are considered “places of power” and offer the opportunity to enjoy a soul searching journey rich with culture. Further, you can hop on a cheap flight to Nigeria, Namibia, or even Lesotho and feed your soul with intimate local encounters, deep-rooted history, be humbled by tribal lifestyles and spend time giving back to people who need it.

However, if you are looking for a more low-key way of experiencing a new dimension to life, a stunning yoga retreat or one of these top 10 best spiritual retreats could be the answer!


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    July 1, 2019 at 6:02 pm

    As a wife, mother and small business owner this really spoke to me, I often get lost in my daily tasks prioritizing everyone’s needs above my own. I lack the discipline to set aside a time for myself everyday to devote to spiritual growth. I love the idea of heading to a spiritual retreat to reconnect with myself and grow as a person, especially if it’s surrounded by nature which is where I feel most at peace. The pictures were captivating, South Africa looks to be a beautiful place to visit. I will be looking into The Blue Butterfly Retreat Centre specifically, as I was reading it really pulled me in and I thought to myself this is a place where I could find peace.

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    July 14, 2019 at 3:27 am

    Thanks for sharing! Buddist Centre Retreat would be definitely listed down in my travelling book to Africa next year.

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    Christian Ritter
    June 2, 2020 at 8:41 pm

    If you are interested in improving your awareness of energy, chakras and experience incredible higher state of consciousness, I strongly recommend to attend yogayahuasca retreats.
    And the location is like paradise!

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