5 Things South Africans Can Do During COVID-19
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5 Things South Africans Can Do During COVID-19

August 2, 2020

Do you remember 2020 pre-COVID 19? I don’t think anyone does.

We’ve spent most of the year navigating the different stages of lockdown than we spent freely walking the streets. However, we’ve finally made it to a more relaxed level of lockdown that allows further movement and activity.

That said, we all know COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon (and neither is social distancing and other rules). With that in mind, we’ve created a list of 5 things South Africans can do during COVID-19 (because our regulations are truly unique).

  1. Groom Yourself and Your Pets

The groomers are finally open! Something I’m sure your roots and split ends have been waiting to hear. If you’re like the women I know, you probably need some professional self-care.

Most salons, nail bars, and pet groomers are open and taking appointments, so there’s no excuse to not look great on your next Zoom meeting.

While you’re grooming, don’t forget your fur babies; they’re probably as tired of at-home grooming as you are of doing it.

  1. Organize A Dinner Date

You may still sit at restaurants and coffee shops. However, if you missed being at your favourite local coffee shop or restaurant go for lunch or breakfast. But, if you’d like a glass of wine with dinner, order-in, or better yet, order for pickup and have dinner at home.

To get your favourite drinks delivered on the same day, you can skip the queues by getting your wine, spirits, and beer delivered via the Checkers Sixty60 app.

  1. Join A Club or Create Your Own

If you’re itching to meet new people, consider joining a club. Most clubs have gone online and now host meetings via Zoom. Furthermore, a book club, knitting club, chess club are all great ideas for meeting new people while curing boredom. If you can’t find a club you’re interested in, create your own, and invite your friends, colleagues, and Facebook friends to your Zoom meetings. This is a great way to connect with friends and meet new people.

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  1. Host A Games Night

I’m not advocating that you break South Africa’s lockdown rules by having your friends over for drinks and board games. But there are so many online multiplayer board games and a few games you can play via Zoom.

Read our recommendations below:

Cluedo (IOS and Android): Everyone’s favourite murder mystery board game has an app and multiplayer option.

Most Likely To (Via Zoom): Get your friends ready to play a game of ‘most likely to’ via Zoom. Every time someone is voted most likely to X they have to take a shot. You can find some great scenarios for the game here.

Pictionary (Via Zoom): This classic board game works well on Zoom. Divide your friends into teams and use a random word generator to determine the word the team member will have to draw.

  1. Go To The Cinema

Cinemas are allowed to open under advanced lockdown level 3. If you’re tired of watching Netflix alone, this is good news. While there hasn’t been any news on when your local Ster Kenikor or Nu Metro will be opening, you can enjoy the original social distancing movie experience with a Drive-Thru movie screening. The Galileo (in Cape Town) is hosting some drive-thrus starting from the 4th of July.

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Finally, as rules and lockdown stages constantly evolve, your best bet is to learn how to enjoy the small things at home. Movie viewings, game nights, self-care, and gourmet cuisine can all be enjoyed from the comfort – and warmth – of your home.

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    August 2, 2020 at 9:56 am

    Thanks for sharing these ideas of what to do at home during lockdown. I personally was very excited to hear that the Galileo drive in will be opening and I can’t wait to go 😀

    • Reply
      The Editor
      August 2, 2020 at 1:09 pm

      Yes, we’re excited too. Some much needed entertainment, without comprising on social distancing.

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