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Tuesday Tip: How to get your young ones to pose for pictures

October 15, 2019

Family photographs are important – but it’s not always easy to convince your kids to smile. We caught up with Jaden Chan, a professional photographer from Singapore, and discussed how to take better photos of your children.

Kids, especially babies, can be a difficult subject to shoot, but it isn’t impossible. We will break down useful tricks you can take advantage of when wanting to take a photo of your young child. These helpful tricks are useful regardless of how young, or how many, kids you have.

Time needed: 1 hour and 30 minutes.

6 Simple Steps to Getting Your Children to Pose for a Photo

  1. Mirror, mirror

    Consider placing a mirror in front of them. It’s a simple but effective hack. They see themselves and they fixate forward. Opening up an easy opportunity to shoot a portrait.

  2. Use burst mode

    If you turn your camera onto “continuous focus” you can take many pictures of the subject as they move around. This will likely leave you with at least one or two good results. Sometimes it isn’t worth fighting it. Lucky we have this setting to take advantage of.

  3. Consider dressing up

    Playing dress-up is always lots of fun. A pirate, a superhero, a grownup—there are always things around the house to dress up in. And if your little princess won’t change out of her costume? Her smile will be much more genuine if she’s wearing what she likes.

  4. Do a somersault

    For pictures that are a little more “acrobatic” ask another parent to hold the child by their feet and take the photo while they are upside down. You’ll get a fun, original shot.

    If you don’t have anyone to help you, ask your child to get into position to do a somersault. You’ll get a wonderful funny face with their head between their legs!

  5. Keep their hands in their pockets

    Kids love to fidget. They get distracted easily. One way to avoid unwanted hand movements is to ask them to keep their hands inside their pockets. It’s a simple trick that works well with young children, especially boys.

  6. “Put your hands on your face”

    If they’re not rocking a pair of pants that have pockets, here’s another suggestion. Ask your child to put their hands upon their cheeks. This is a classic pose, and also prevents fidgeting.

If you follow those steps, you should be well on your way to taking better family photos. These are memories that will likely be framed and looked at often. So take the time out to make sure your baby, or child, is posing correctly.

Lastly, you should try to ensure the child is eye level from the camera. This creates an even photo, with natural expressions. Remember to pick the correct lens and camera for the job. We trust you’ve found this information useful. Happy shooting.

Jaden Chan is a baby photographer for Babygraphy, a photography service for infants and newborns. He preaches patience with children so that he can capture the precious moments for families and their child. You can also follow them on Facebook for all the latest updates.

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    February 3, 2020 at 3:38 am

    So cute! we are going to celebrate our baby ‘s birthday for his 1 year old, so gonna use these tips for sure.

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