Tuesday Tips 1 - Start Moving

Get Moving! (And Make it a Habit) #tuesdaytips 1

October 23, 2018

Scientific study after scientific study points to the same thing: humans need physical exercise. Yes, I hear you sighing behind the screen as you flick through this article. Yes, I too, dreaded P.T back in school. At first, I brushed the importance aside, but after reading into some of these articles, and religiously putting this tip to the test, I found some saucy truths!

Incorporating light exercise into your daily lifestyle has profound effects. More than just being good for the heart and circulatory system, it improves well-being, emotions, and productivity.

The best thing? You don’t need to be an Olympic athlete or have hours of time available to make these routines part of your day-to-day.

Some quick exercise ideas and easy workouts:

  • Choose the stairs over the elevator
  • Opt to walk to the cafe or corner shop during your lunch, rather than drive
  • Take a brisk walk in the park or along the promenade in the evening after dinner
  • Do something outdoors this weekend with the family (biking, swimming at the beach, or an amusement park).
  • How about doing some arm and leg stretches whilst reading the next article?

We hope this #tuesdaytip was helpful. Go out there and burn calories!

Have any other tips or suggests on keeping fit? We would love to hear from you below or on social media.

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