Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Stay Home

Tips For Staying Healthy, Safe, and at Home

April 4, 2020

A few months ago, you might have thought that your life would look a bit different from how it looks now. You might have been planning a holiday, have a project on the go at work or simply be looking forward to the better weather. I think it’s pretty safe to say that you DID NOT imagine that you would have to stay indoors for the foreseeable future in order to save your own life and others. But here we are, staying safe and staying home. But what can we do while we are home to keep us safe and healthy?

We are going to cover some tips on staying physically healthy and staying mentally healthy while staying safe. But before we cover these tips, we should discuss why it’s important to follow the government guidelines and stay home.

Why Staying Home Is Important

At present, there isn’t a whole lot that we know about COVID-19 other than it is a respiratory disease that can kill even the healthiest of people. It’s believed that it can be transferred via airborne germs, although due to the fact that we don’t know enough about the virus, health authorities are covering all bases and asking households to avoid contact with each other and the outside world. For our own safety, we have been asked to stay home and only go out when it is completely essential. Staying home will not only protect you from this virus, but it will also prevent the virus from spreading further.

Staying Physically Healthy

Because our futures are uncertain, and we have no way of knowing how this pandemic is going to affect our lives in the future, we need to make sure that we look after ourselves and stay as physically healthy as possible. There are 3 main ways in which you can do this.

  • Exercise

If your gym or exercise routine has been turned upside down thanks to COVID-19 then don’t panic! There are millions of online workouts and exercise routines available online via multiple platforms. These workouts vary from chair aerobics for those who are physically limited to all-out HIIT workouts that will burn up to 1000 calories in one workout. There is no excuse not to do some form of exercise each day, so make it a priority to fit at least 30 minutes of exercise each day.

  • Food

The snacks are in the cupboard, all the fast food outlets are delivering, and you are feeling miserable. Talk about a recipe for disaster! Believe us, living off junk food and eating nothing but trash is NOT going to make you feel any better, it’s only going to make you unhealthy and feel bad about those extra pounds. Instead of resorting to junk food, try nourishing your body with an increase in fruit and veggies, maybe take up cooking or try whipping up your own, healthier, style of takeout? Did someone say home-cooked Chinese?!

  • Hygiene

Stuck indoors, no visitors, no work, no school?! OK so it might be tempting to stay in your pyjamas for the next month, but seriously, don’t. Getting dressed (into FRESH clothes), having a shower and maintaining a healthy hygiene routine is going to keep you physically healthy and actually keep you mentally healthy too. The routine of getting showered and dressed every day will really help you to feel normal and help maintain a bit of pride in yourself.

Staying Mentally Healthy

Keeping your body in tip-top condition is one thing, but to keep your mind in good health as well is another. In these uncertain times, it can be so easy to let anxiety and worry get the better of you. But strong mental health can help you to overcome those anxieties and worries. Here are some tips on how to keep your mind healthy.

  • Broaden Your Mind

One of the best ways to keep your mind active is to teach it something new. It can be really tempting to binge-watch Tiger King on Netflix or catch up on your favourite YouTuber, but this sort of activity isn’t going to help your mind stay fit and strong. Instead, look at ways that you can teach yourself something new. It could be downloading a language app, start playing scrabble online with others or even dust off that old guitar that you bought as decoration for your living room (no judgement, we’ve all got one). Keeping your mind busy and learning something new will also help to distract you from any negative thoughts and will give you a sense of achievement that you utilised this negative time and turned it into a positive.

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  • Stay Connected

Social media is a great tool, but it isn’t a substitute for actually picking up the phone (or another video-enabled device) and calling your loved ones. Families, in particular, will be more worried about you than they are about themselves so they will want to hear your voice and know you are ok. It’s really important to stay connected to the outside world in order to help you stay mentally healthy.

  • Positive Vibes

Now it’s easier said than done to say, “have a positive outlook on life”, especially when you are stuck indoors and are worried that COVID-19 could hit at any time. But honestly, staying positive is one way that you will guard your mental health and keep sane. One way to remove some negativity and guard your mental health is to reduce the amount of social media you consume a day. Having a digital detox, even for an hour each day, will greatly help you to feel more positive about your situation.

Stay Home

It goes without saying that the best way to stay healthy and to avoid COVID-19 is to stay home. No matter how tempting it is to pop into your friend’s house, stop and chat in the street with your neighbours or quickly nip round to check on your Mom, you need to stay home. Being stuck indoors is no fun for anyone, but it is saving lives! If you do have to go out for essentials then make sure you follow the social distancing rules of keeping at least 2 meters away from others, wash your hands before and after leaving the house, and only go out if it is absolutely necessary.

We really hope that you implement some of these top tips to stay healthy during your time stuck at home. This is a phase that will pass, but while we can’t control it, we can control our actions so why not take this time to really focus on yourself and get as healthy as possible. Stay safe guys.

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    June 26, 2020 at 10:44 am

    Every morning has been a set of simple work out just so that I can stay active. Been in front of my PC way to much during this lock down.

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