7 Simple Tips To Style Up Your T-Shirt Look
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7 Simple Tips To Style Up Your T-Shirt Look

February 7, 2017

Men have fewer options in outfits as compared to women but this does not keep them deprived of style. When it comes to casual fashion, a t-shirt is a garment that has been an eternal favorite for men of all ages. There is hardly a man who does not own a few. T-shirts offer comfort yet look stylish and are preferred for casual wear. However, you can step up your style quotient and make a simple t-shirt look fabulous with a great idea and minimal effort. Here are some easy tips to style up your t-shirt look.

1. Pick a size that is just right

Since tees are better at contouring as compared to shirts, you need to pick a perfect size. An oversized one can look baggy but one that is smaller can highlight your flab. The right size will look great on you, even if you do not have the perfect physique. Trying before buying is the best bet because brand sizes may differ and you cannot stick to standards. Alternatively, you can shop online if you are sure about the size but verify their return policy before shopping.

2. Invest in the right colors

Styling your t-shirt look becomes easier if you have the right colors in your collection. While basics like white, black and gray are essential, invest in a few colors that are your favorite. Have a cool blue for an evening out and a sunny yellow for weekday fun with friends. An electric red, a vibrant orange or a bright green make good picks for men who like to experiment with color and want to attract attention.

While basics like white, black and grey are essential, invest in a few colours that are your favourite.

While basics like white, black and grey are essential, invest in a few colours that are your favourite.
Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

3. Pay attention to the quality as well

Whether you buy a tee or any other garment, quality is clearly the most important thing to consider. Buy a good brand and a durable fabric that matches the weather. Cotton tees are ideal for summer while Merino makes a great option for winters. As Adam White, founder of Jasper Holland Co explains, you can gauge the quality of a t-shirt if it holds a tight neck line after several washes. Try some brands and shortlist a few trusted ones for your future buys.

4. Choose a style that looks good on you

Coming down to styling, there are various styles that you can add to your t-shirt collection. You can mix a few pieces of half-sleeved tees with full-sleeved ones to make your wardrobe ready for all seasons. Further, there are options such as v-neck, round-neck and collared t-shirts. Try these styles and find the one that looks best on you. Although you may have a favorite style, choose some pieces in different styles to add versatility to your wardrobe.

5. Wear according to the occasion

Another tip for styling your t-shirt look is to wear one that matches the occasion. A collared t-shirt of a subdued color, neatly tucked in your trousers will be ideal for a smart workplace look. Alternatively, you can flaunt a bright round–neck or v-neck t-shirt with a pair of jeans or shorts for a casual outing. With t-shirts, matching the right one with the occasion really matters otherwise you may end up getting attention for all the wrong reasons.

6. Experiment with layering

Layering is a smart way to style a simple tee and take it a notch higher. You can try different layering options depending on the season and occasion. Wear a checkered shirt over a plain tee for a chic casual vibe or wear a nice colored tee under a blazer for the party look. And you must have a few t-shirts that you can wear under your jackets as well. If you really want to make a statement of your own, try a cool personalized t-shirt with a text of your choice printed over it.

7. Pair it with the right accessories

Who says that you can do nothing more with a tee except wear it with a pair of jeans or trousers? The fact is that you can accessorize it to create an awesome look. A classic white tee with blue jeans and a pair of boots will make you a casual style icon. When you team it with trousers, a pair of loafers or monk straps complements the look perfectly.

With so many cool tips for styling your everyday tees, dressing up becomes much more fun and a lot easier for fashion-conscious men. Just pick the right set of t-shirts for your collection and get them styled for versatile casual and formal looks.

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