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Stress-Free Summer with These Hacks #tuesdaytips 4

November 20, 2018

Summertime – when the birds are chirping in the trees, the flowers are blooming red and blue, the kids are rolling through the sprinkler, and cocktails by the pool. The season to get active and embrace the outdoors. It’s the perfect time of year to have a picnic, visit the beach, or climb up that cliff. But with the summer comes the sun and lots of it. Amidst all the fun and activities happening around you, it is easy to get caught up and forget how damaging the heat can be. Here are some smart ways to beat the heat and have a great summer!

Family Circus, June 7, 2015

Family Circus, June 7, 2015

The most important things to remember this summer:

  1. Have another drink of water

    Heat can be dangerous and is much more harmful in children and the ageing. Staying hydrated helps to reduce the chances of having heat stroke and other sun-related illnesses. It also works well in adjusting your body to hot environments. With the warmer temperatures, humans tend to lose body fluids faster. Do not wait until symptoms appear to start drinking water. Make it a habit to carry a bottle of water with you at all times (save plastic, save our planet). And if you getting tired of all this ‘water drinking’? Mix it up with some coconut water, probiotics or fruit-infused ones. Coconut water is a mineral-rich liquid from the inside of young, green coconuts. Coconut water can replenish lost fluids and electrolytes from exercise and hot summer temperatures. It is important to not waste water, especially with the on-going droughts and scarcity in most major cities.  So use water conservatively.

  2. Sunscreen! And lots of it.

    Spending too much time in the sun can age your skin. Sunscreen works by minimizing the effects of UV light.  Most people make the mistake of only applying sunscreen to the face, but it should be applied to other exposed areas of the body.  Make sure to apply the lotion to both the ears and neck, especially behind the ears and at the back of the neck. Applying sunscreen regularly and consistently will ensure your skin remains radiant, healthy and glowing season after season. Try to avoid being in the sun during peak hours. If you do need to spend the whole day outside, remember to reapply the sunscreen every few hours. Common skin problems like freckles and wrinkles may arise from repeated exposure to the sun.

    Pull out that bikini from the back of your wardrobe and head to the pool. Just remember to apply sunblock regularly and be safe around the water.

    Pull out that bikini from the back of your wardrobe and head to the pool. Just remember to apply sunblock regularly and be safe around the water.

  3. Keep cool

    Now is the time to rock that stylish pair of designer shades. Also, we recommended sticking to cotton this season – as synthetic fibres have the tendency to hold moisture. Cotton, which is a natural fabric, has a unique property that keeps moisture away from the body.  Dressing in loose-fitting clothing, and making sure the material is natural, will assist in reducing the amount of heat on your body. Dark colours, as well as, patterns conceal sweat more readily, for those that are prone to perspiring easily. Another useful idea would be to keep an extra shirt on you.  Furthermore, to combat additional sweat is by monitoring what you consume. Alcohol and caffeine can cause you to perspire more often.

  4. Be safe when out and about

    The sunny skies and warm breeze make it appealing to get out-of-doors and explore. And your friends, kids or partner will want to take advantage of every single day of this weather.  Remember to plan properly and take the right precautions. Water activities are fun, but it takes some carefulness and control to keep them harmless. Events that muster large masses of people can quickly turn chaotic, so knowing where everybody is, and how to find them in case of getting separated, should be made clear beforehand. An example of this had happened was when my aunt’s friend took her children out to the beach. It was a hot, summer weekend, and the place was packed. She let them run off to swim, but the tide pushed them further down the shore. When the children came out the water, they naturally walked directly up the sand, but could no longer find their guardian. With hundreds of people and almost as many umbrellas, it was hard to pick out where they had set up. Needless to say, she (my aunt’s friend) and all their things were just a few yards to the right. Fortunately, they were reunited after some searching, but it is important to set a meeting point or some rules initially.

Other interesting summer hacks to think about:

Did you know? ‘Popsicles, a popular summer treat, was accidentally invented by an 11-year-old boy in San Francisco in 1905. He left a glass of soda sitting outside and by the next morning the soda had frozen. He began selling them at an amusement park in New Jersey.’

For fresh-looking skin?

  • Fill a spray bottle with rosewater. Store it in the fridge at home or in the office. Spraying this on your face and neck every so often will cool you down. Not only will it keep you looking fresh, but it has a positive effect on your skin, and smells great. For those with children, make it a daily routine when they come back from school or college. The relief is immediate.
  • Frozen watermelon peels can be pressed onto your skin after being exposed to the sun. It works similar to an ice block but with natural AHA’s that keep the skin soft and hydrated. So next time you are preparing a juicy watermelon mocktail, hold on to those peels!

For the kids?

Did you know? ‘Scientists argue that summer babies are significantly more likely to suffer from mood swings than babies born in other seasons.’

  • Before long road trips, make sure your kids have enough to keep them occupied. For distraction-free driving, you need to have your children buckled in, and entertained so you can focus on the road. And also avoid leaving minors unattended in a parked car, even if the windows are open. Here’s our pick of the best summer getaways.
  • Keep them out the sun if possible, or encourage them to play in the shade. Equip the children with a wide-brimmed hat, adequate sunblock, and clothing that covers their arms and legs.
  • Encourage learning and cognitive exercises during the summer holidays. Children should still be stimulated and not allowed complete freedom to laze about or play. Take them to a library and have them pick out some books to read over summer. Send them off to some extra classes or courses, whether it be cooking, painting or piano. There is a wealth of engaging and educational activities available for all ages.

And most importantly – be safe, and HAVE FUN!

It is summer, after all. Let those summer days be filled with fun in the sun. It’s time to dig out those bikinis (we hope you got in shape) from the back of the cupboard and head out to the pool! We hope you found the above tips useful. We would love to hear back from you. Please share your own thoughts, tips and experiences in the comments below 🙂

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    Audrey Lee
    November 25, 2018 at 9:28 am

    Interesting post! I’ll have to try one of these ideas, keep up the good work

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