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Travel Beauty Routines on a Budget

January 13, 2017

Anyone who has ever travelled can agree that the biggest downside to travelling, is the pounding your once picture-perfect appearance, takes – especially after a long haul flight. After trying for at least 9 hours to get comfortable in your seat, in an attempt to get a bit of shuteye, and moving in ways you never thought were possible, it goes without saying your perfectly constructed travel attire is ruined and you end up looking like a baby giraffe that’s opened its eyes for the first time – every time. No matter what you’re wearing, it’ll look like you’re wearing your pj’s. Your hair will look like you’ve been caught in a storm – no matter how many times you’ve tried to tame it. Your skin will be flaky and dry – and all in all, you’ll look like you need a holiday!

As women, we always want to be stylish – or at least look polished and put together – even when we hop off a plane. Achieving this look after a long haul flight is indeed a little challenging, but thankfully it’s not impossible! So if you need some help in fighting the typical off-the-plane image, read on!

On the Plane

Creased Clothing

I can hear you saying ‘’Ah, obviously! Just wear clothes that don’t crease!”, but not all of us have cute outfits that don’t crease! So what does one do when this is the case? Well, if you’re landing in a place that’s chilly enough for a coat – throw a coat over your outfit, when you get off the plane. It’s the perfect way to disguise the mess that’s happening underneath! And, if you’re landing somewhere where the weather is warm, pack in a spare pair of clothes in your onboard luggage – preferably an outfit that doesn’t crease easily (because, of course, it’s going to be stored in a bag, for the entire flight). Packing in a spare pair of clothes will also make you feel fresh and clean when you hop off the plane. There’s nothing worse than wearing the same clothes, you’ve been wearing for the 24 hours!

Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes are guaranteed, when you’ve just flown halfway across the world. The puffiness either comes from sleeping really well or not sleeping at all. And, as we know, it’s either one or the other – there are no grey areas when it comes to this and flying. One hack for puffy under eyes is ordering an ice cold water (or any beverage), and gently resting the bottle under your eyes for a few seconds, or minutes. The cold shocks your eyes awake and reduces the puffiness, dramatically. Sounds strange, but it really works! Another tip – which is a no-brainer – is going to the bathroom and splashing some cold water on your face. Or, pack in concealer, and do some touch ups, before the plane lands.

Dry Skin

The altitude will make your skin dry. There’s no avoiding this, but you can reduce the dryness – and we’ll tell you how. The best way is to obviously pack on the moisturiser, but drinking water and keeping hydrated does the world of good for your skin too. Stay away from caffeine when you’re flying – this has a way of drying out your skin (and keeping you awake – which you really don’t want)!

Old Makeup Under Your Eyes

When you’ve had makeup on, and you fall asleep – you’ll have panda bear eyes when you wake up. The mascara and the eyeliner drops – and this really makes your entire appearance a lot more messy (in, fact, you’ll look like a drunk girl, that needs to go home). So, to avoid this rookie error, pack makeup remover wipes in your onboard luggage, and wipe away the evidence that you just had a nap! Makeup remover wipes are also great to freshen up and cool off, when you’re travelling somewhere really warm, like Africa, or when you’re taking part in outdoor activities, like a safari!

Greasy, Untamed Hair

The aircon in the plane makes one’s hair greasy, and because one is usually restless on a flight, their hair will be tangled and untamed. No matter how many times you brush it, it doesn’t seem to look any better – but that’s more because it’s, in fact, greasy. The best way to correct this bad hair flight is to carry baby powder or dry shampoo with you. Baby powder and dry shampoo will give your hair a fresh, clean new look and will buy you some time before you find a shower! Just sprinkle a fair amount on your scalp and brush it through – easy as pie, and you’ll look as fresh as a daisy!

While on Vacation

Sun Protection

Protecting your skin is vital, wherever you are – not just when you’re jet-setting around the globe. Always carry sunscreen with you, and after-sun (for the days that you slipped up on the sunscreen, and are a little saw from the burn). Never forget a sun hat, and sunnies, to protect your scalp and your eyes!

Dry Skin

As we said before – moisturiser, water, and less caffeine!!


Keeping your eyebrows on point when you’re travelling, and far from your go-to beauty therapist, can be seriously difficult – especially if you have no clue how to shape them yourself. To avoid a bad-eyebrow situation, either try and find a therapist in the place you’re travelling or get microblading done before you leave for your vacation. Microblading helps to keep the shape and length for longer and allows you to see where the shape starts and ends, which acts as a guide when you need to pluck the stray hairs, that have overgrown.


When we’re not used to a certain climate, or eating certain foods, our skin can break out pretty badly. It doesn’t happen to all of us, but it happens to most of us. The best way to keep this under control is to drink plenty of water and avoid oily foods. Opt for fresh veg and fruit dishes (I know it can be difficult, especially when you’re busy and fast foods are more convenient – but try your best)! If your skin is seriously out of control, visit the nearest pharmacy and get a skin cream, to accelerate the healthy skin process.

After that, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t look like a million bucks!

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