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5 Winter Dressing Tips for Women #tuesdaytips 5

December 4, 2018

Don’t let the cold weather be an excuse to lose your dress sense! Ah, the festive season is upon us and with it comes an endless amount of clothing sales and Christmas puddings. Trying to find a balance between the two is another issue on its own (both are pure indulgence). This period is typically celebrated in the winter season for most of the Western hemisphere. Cold winds, frequent rains and of course, plenty of snow! However, none of these is enough to send fashion into hibernation. So we’ve researched and refined a comprehensive list of rules to stick to this winter to keep you looking on point.

Ugg boots over tights are the deadly sin of winter wear. Don’t let this be you. And there’s no excuse to either. Christmas and New Years are times to dress up and feel fabulous. For most middle-aged women, we will still be working over this period or engaging in events in the public. It is easy to neglect your appearance because of the weather or holiday mood. Below we break down some easy ways to keep you inspired during winter. Want to know what every woman should have in their wardrobe this winter? Here are our 5 simple rules to keep you ‘cool’, whilst keeping you warm, this winter.

Our 5 rules for women on winter dressing:

  1. Buy yourself a coat

    Parkas are for skimpy supermodels and teenagers. Kate Moss only pulled it off because she wore a miniskirt (in no ways suitable for the weather) and has baby giraffe legs, of which most of us don’t have. Switch out that basic, fluffy parka or anorak for a real coat. And it really doesn’t need to be expensive or tailored, just a good-quality coat for women. Most retailers and online stores will offer the latest styles of women’s coats. Browse the different collections and pick one that fits with your form. New chic styles, including peacoats, trench coats and puffer coats are popular choices. The neat collar, button-up front, and wool fabric will make you feel sophisticated, whilst the deep pockets will keep your hands toasty this winter.

  2. Long sleeves are classy

    Despite the colder season, dresses and shirts are still sold in short-sleeved styles. Clothes look nice with long sleeves, and they are fitting for the weather. Perhaps the function of the short sleeves was because women historically needed to get their hands dirty with laundry or cleaning. But those days are long gone and we wish the design of short-sleeved clothes in winter went too. On those icy mornings, we’re forced to cover our exposed arms up with a cardigan or thin jumper. Which leaves us having to rummage through our closets to find a pair that matches in colour and pattern.  If you can find a long-sleeved dress or top, it looks a lot smarter than a short-sleeved one with a cardie over it.

    Long-sleeved clothing looks more professional, and is a better fit for winter.

    Long-sleeved clothing looks more professional and is a better fit for winter. source –

  3. Pencil skirts and heels are Hollywood’s creation. Leave it for the actresses.

    Again, another Hollywood creation is to blame for this trend. The series, Mad Men, popularised women working in tight pencil skirts that fall above the knee. The clothes are fabulous; we’re not complaining. But they are a false representation of fashion and what women should wear to work. Unfortunately, the days of smoking in your office, using a typewriter, and sipping on a Martini at lunch are over. Oh, how we miss the Sixties. You can wear kitten heels with a pencil skirt if the dress code requires it, but the skirt needs to finish below rather than on the knee. And remember to wear a neat top with a good bra and do your hair properly.

  4. Flat boots work

    You won’t regret investing in a pair of flat boots this winter. Not only are they pleasantly comfortable, but they’ll help you navigate over the snow or icy ground without breaking an ankle or worse. Save those high black block heels or platforms for dinner night or when you’re not needing to step outside or move around a lot. Flat boots are as elegant today, and a classic leather pair goes well with just about anything. If you looking to make a fashion statement – go with a leopard print or suede. For the casual day-to-day, you can settle on a pair of biker or Chelsea boots.

  5. Don’t fear pastels or patterns

    Nothing says you can’t wear the colours of spring in winter. This allows you to really stand out in a sea of colourless coats and boring blacks colours.

More winter dress rules to live by:

Layering – this is the best way to stay warm and avoid needing to do an outfit change. Simply peel away or add to your layer as the temperature or environment changes. Wear your thick coat or rain jacket as the outer most layer. Under that, you can put on a blazer (for more formal occasions) or a jumper. After that comes a shirt or long-sleeved dress paired with leggings or tights and some ankle boots. you can recycle summer clothing (which is often made from light materials) by wearing them under a button up shirt or jumper too.

And remember – it’s Christmas, so wear red!

Add a splash of Christmassy to your clothing. Wear red during winter and embrace the festiveness of Christmas. You should also encourage your children to pick their own clothes.

What are your fashion tips and secrets to a good Winter season? Did any of the above suggestions work for you? We would love to hear your responses below. Merry Christmas, and here’s to looking fabulous! ???


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    Danica Anne Panganiban
    December 6, 2018 at 11:10 am

    I really need tips like this. thank you.

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    December 6, 2018 at 12:34 pm

    I love the change in weather even though it’s short lived here in Florida. It’s currently in the thirties, so I can wear winter clothes. I love to add a scarf. And I do sometimes sneak in my ugg boots:).

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    December 20, 2018 at 12:54 pm

    Yes! Love #s 3 and 4. I’m all about practicality in winter. Boots all season!

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    February 3, 2020 at 3:41 am

    Hahaha, these styles are so useful and suitable with this kinda of weather in Japan right now. thank!

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    Ready To Wear Clothing
    March 9, 2021 at 10:33 am

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