The 5 Most Incredible Casino Resorts In The World

The Most Extravagant Casino Resorts Around The World

May 28, 2019

It can be tempting in today’s world to look at casinos as being representative of the past. Scenes of classic casinos in films are largely responsible for the public’s image of such establishments, and even a fairly modern movie like Ocean’s 11 is already starting to feel just the littlest bit dated (even if George Clooney and Brad Pitt are utterly timeless in it)! While there will always be a certain power in vintage casino imagery though, it shouldn’t obscure the fact that today’s casino resorts remain luxurious, impressive, and extremely appealing.

To illustrate that point, we’re identifying five of the most incredible casino resorts in the world.

1. The Bellagio – Las Vegas, United States

The Bellagio, all things considered, might actually be the most famous casino resort in the world these days. This is thanks in part to Ocean’s 11, which became part of the resort’s fabric (as one article put it) and helped to put it on the map for audiences that might not otherwise have been aware of it. However, The Bellagio was also chosen as one of the film’s primary settings for a reason, which is that it’s one of the most luxurious and prestigious casino resorts in the world. Known for its comfortable suites, its high-end poker rooms, and the fountain show it puts on (which passersby can enjoy for free), The Bellagio makes a statement even in the midst of its gaudy surroundings on the Vegas strip. A perfect excuse to dress up, don a pair of stilettos, and put on a poker face.

Bellagio Las Vegas
Aerial view of The Bellagio at night – Image Source: Clément Bardot

2. Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

If the Bellagio is the most famous casino resort in the world (and we can’t say for sure that it is), Marina Bay Sands is fast on its way to becoming the most recognizable from a visual standpoint. This incredible resort consists of three towers built over a bay in Singapore and topped with a “Skypark” that extends across all three. The hotel facilities represent the height of luxury without feeling too exclusive, but it’s the attractions and amenities that really set Marina Bay Sands apart. The Gardens by the Bay are a delightful outdoor space combining lights, nature, and man-made structures to create a one-of-a-kind park (which you may have enjoyed seeing in the delightful romantic comedy Crazy Rich Asians); the museums, exhibitions, and shows within the resort are often unique; and the Skypark’s infinity pool is the stuff of legend.

The 5 Most Incredible Casino Resorts In The World

3. Sun City Resort & Casino – Rustenberg, South Africa

Maybe because it isn’t located in a popular tourist destination like Cape Town or Johannesburg, South Africa’s Sun City Resort and Casino seems to go unnoticed on a lot of lists of the world’s best, most extravagant, or most luxurious casino facilities. Really though, this might be more of a total resort than any of them. In addition to having multiple hotels and all the casino offerings you could want, Sun City has a water park and pool area about the size of a small village, and also offers world-class golf courses designed by the great South African pro, Gary Player. Throw in that the whole resort resembles some kind of exotic, storybook kingdom in the midst of lush African surroundings, and it’s quite a place to visit.

 The Lost Palace Swimming Pool surrounded by lush African greenery - Sun City, ZA
The Lost Palace Swimming Pool surrounded by lush African greenery – Sun City, ZA

4. SKYCITY Auckland – Auckland, New Zealand

In recent years, New Zealand has become better known for its online casinos than anything else in this category. As explained at this reference site, there are great slot games across a whole range of online casinos in New Zealand, with real-money stakes, attractive bonuses, and all the other factors that make online gaming appealing. This can be of interest to true gaming enthusiasts, but it shouldn’t obscure the fact that New Zealand has some excellent real casinos also – chief among them the SKYCITY resort in Auckland. A legitimate skyscraper in the middle of a great city, SKYCITY includes five-star hotel accommodations, extensive casino offerings, and various restaurants, bars, and theatre facilities. Best of all though is that it just feels different, and more like a part of a city than any other venue on this list.

Piercing out into the sky, this iconic building is visible to all entering the city

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5. The Venetian Macau – Macau, China

It's easy to loose track of time when strolling through the immersive Venetian pathways within the building
It’s easy to loose track of time when strolling through the immersive Venetian pathways within the building

The Venetian is now a global brand of sorts in casino resorts and is best known for its Las Vegas location. The sister resort in Macau, however, might be even nicer. This write-up does a nice job of articulating just what makes The Venetian Macau so special. Covering the sheer size of the casino (it’s the biggest in the world), the poolside cabanas, the shopping options, and even the gondoliers. The latter, helping visitors to enjoy a simulated version of boating around the canals in the actual city of Venice. This resort just has something for everybody, whether you’re looking for pure fun, pure luxury or a mix of the two – and the mock-Venice setting is simply captivating.

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    May 29, 2019 at 3:33 pm

    Not one for casinos but I got curious so I just had to check it out. I went to Vegas once and it seemed fun but it was scarily addicting! I would definitely want to try the one in China — just for the feel I guess and I love the architecture of the Venetian. Sounds biased but China you got me!

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