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How to Plan a Camping Trip [4 Easy Steps]

August 25, 2019

Films and magazines make it look so perfect: A week-long camping trip in the mountains, surrounded by nature. Just imagine: During the day you go for a swim, you have a delicious picnic and have a relaxing afternoon read. At night you share stories around the bonfire, melt marshmallows over the flames and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate made on the fire.

The reality? It’s not always a joy to go camping. A lot can go wrong! However, with the right planning, you can have an enjoyable trip without any hassles. Whether you’ve never been camping at all, or you haven’t been since you were younger, follow these essential tips for your next trip: 

4 Simple Steps Towards a Hassle-Free Getaway

1. Get the right camping equipment 

It’s a good idea to invest in a few proper camping items. This will make your camping trip so much more comfortable! Essential equipment includes a tent (waterproof is ideal), sleeping bags, a torchlight with enough batteries, camping chairs and a cooler bag. 

Looking for an affordable option? Try Makro. They often have amazing specials on camping equipment. 

2. Take the right food and beverages 

This is an important part of the camping trip. Everyone gets hungry on holiday, so make sure you pack enough food and drinks for your whole party. It’s important to pack food and drink items that will last for the entire trip. Packets of chips, salty crackers and energy bars are great options. 

Don’t want to splurge? Try the many Shoprite specials. Shoprite always has a range of fantastic food and beverage promotions running. 

3. Make sure no one gets bored

Not everyone is a fan of camping, so keep those people in mind when you plan your trip. Take board games and a few books along for days that you don’t have anything planned. You can also pack a few active gaming items such as a soccer ball or a cricket set. 

4. Things don’t have to be perfect 

A camping trip is not supposed to be perfect. But it’s supposed to be a fun and memorable experience. So, don’t get upset if the weather changes in the middle of your trip – this is part of the adventure! The important thing is that you spend quality time with friends and family and that you make precious memories that will last forever. 

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To avoid any hassles while on your trip, simply plan carefully and long in advance – and don’t forget to browse online for Makro specials and Shoprite promotions! And once you finally leave for your camping destination, forget about everything you didn’t pack or do, and just relax! 


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    September 16, 2019 at 5:03 pm

    I’ll have to be honest, the last time I did a camping trip was during my girl scout days! And it wasn’t the most enjoyable time at all. Perhaps because our leader was so uptight and she always wanted things to be perfect that we didn’t get to enjoy the trip. She could probably use this list, especially tip number four, “things don’t always have to be perfect.” Haha! Perhaps I will have to try planning a camping trip with friends, just a casual one and for good memories.

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    Sharon C
    September 25, 2019 at 3:03 pm

    I’ve camped with too many people that think the experience is meant to be perfect. This write up is spot on and everyone should give this a read to understand the reality of camping

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