Visiting the Alps in Autumn and Winter

Where To Go To Enjoy The Alps In The Fall

January 23, 2019

Autumn can be a nice time to travel, more so when you pick the apt destination! There are many places to travel to during the autumn months but you will cherish the experience if you choose the Alpine region.

It is not only ideal for the adventure loving lot, but the variety of sightseeing and tourist activities in the Alpine region ensures there is something for everyone. 

Reasons to travel to the Alps during the fall

There are several reasons for choosing to tour the Alpine mountain region during the Fall.

The soothing climate-In the autumn months, the weather remains calm and pleasant, making it ideal for a wide range of travellers. The chill is not extreme and you will get sunny days. You can take strolls while enjoying the fresh alpine breeze.

An ideal time for nature lovers- The fall foliage is amazing to watch and several types of plants bloom during this time. The forests and mountain valleys undergo a dramatic colour transformation in these months.

Reasons for foodies to feel excited- In the French Alps region, you can witness and enjoy participating in regional harvest festivals. Savouring regional wine and freshly roasted chestnut is an amazing experience. The same experience can be obtained in the Italian and Swiss regions of the Alps. You will also be able to savour varieties of regional cheese and produce, like wines and spaghetti.

A quieter season- If you hate the idea of jostling with a crowd in popular tourist spots, visiting the Alps region in Fall is perfect for you. The sightseeing locations will be less crowded and accommodation will be cheaper for sure.

Places in the Alps region you should visit in the fall

There are quite a number of places in the Alps, belonging to the territories of France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany. There are a few ones you should not miss:

  • Ecrins national park- This is a must visit area for wildlife lovers heading to the Alps region in the Fall. The walking and biking trails are abundant- to begin with. The jagged mountainous terrain is crisscrossed by fast flowing rivers and tumbling glaciers. You can spot wildlife species like the golden eagle, foxes, chamois, wild hares etc and the variety of flora is also astounding. There are some decent accommodation options too.
  • Tour du Mont Blanc –One of the classic long distance walk or trekking tours of Europe, the Tour du Mont Blanc is best enjoyed during the Fall. The trek covers almost 170 km and it is ideal for the adventure loving tourists. It lets you cover Swiss, French and Italian Alps. You have to stay hydrated and be well equipped with trekking gears. The variety of cuisine you get is like icing on the cake.
  • Champsaur Valley- It is one of the lesser known gems located in the Southern Alps region. It is among the most amazing French Alps destinations. The unspoilt wilderness and serenity will soothe your mind. You also get a chance to witness the rural life, unaffected by the clutter and chaos of urban regions.
  • Lausanne and Lavaux- If you are not much of a trekking buff or care more for classic wine than mountain biking, head to the Lausanne and then to the vineyards of Lavaux. Lausanne has a lot of things like impressive museums and medical era castles to entice the tourists. Lavaux has famous and huge vineyards that are perfect for relaxing and tasting wines. You will feel the time has stood still here over the centuries. The pristine Lake Geneva is a major attraction.
  • Château de Chillon- Paying a visit to the historic Château de Chillon or Chillon castle is advisable if you are touring the Alps region. The castle, which has an impressive heritage and featured in the poetry of Lord Byron, has an enticing architecture. The interior of the massive castle, located on an island features courtyards, halls, bedrooms etc. You will find pretty medieval murals on the walls.
The Alps - Infographic

The Alps – Infographic ( Click image to see the full image).

With so much to do and see in the Alps, there is no better place to head to this autumn. Pack your bags and head out to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience in the Alps!

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