Celebrate Retirement

On Celebrating Retirement

June 28, 2020

Sit back, relax and focus on doing all the things you never had the time to do.

What does retirement mean for me?

Well, this is YOUR time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your hard-earned labour over the years. It means more free time for YOU. To do what YOU actually love. Isn’t that grand?

Go on that much deserved holiday that you never could squeeze in

Why not visit those places sitting on your wish list for a long time. If you don’t have too much saved for an international holiday, don’t worry, there are many affordable and relaxing breakaways that you can take advantage of, locally. If you prefer being closer to home, hit the beach and catch the surf, sun and fun. Send out a retirement invitation to those nearest to you.

Companions fill up a void

If you have lost loved ones or a partner along the way, how about getting a furry friend?

Regularly walking and feeding your new furry buddy will help you stay active and develop a healthy routine.

Find a project you love

There may have been a hobby you’ve had your eye on. Or something you’re passionate about but just never got around to pursuing. Why not tap into that? Even volunteering at a local community centre can be extremely therapeutic and feel rewarding.

Going green

Taking up gardening may sound somewhat clichéd, but it’s a great way to get the yard space looking great, keep active and literally see your efforts grow into something beautiful. It is believed that gardening, in particular, is highly beneficial for your mental health, will help you save on grocery bills if you plant veggies or fruits, and helps get some vitamin D.

Talk or type

Consider starting a podcast or a blog. You have a wealth of information to share. And because everyone’s path in life is different, and everyone’s experiences are different, you would have a great story to tell. You could inspire others in your age group, and the younger generation as well. Right now, there is no better way to get information to people than digital platforms. If you’re not keen on speaking, then take on blogging.

Sport your stuff

Whether you feel like taking on long distance runners, tackling a soccer ball or taking golf swings, there’ll be great health benefits in it for you. Not only will your social profile get a big boost, but some insurance agencies even reward you for having an active lifestyle.

Bookworm it

Some people prefer a quieter method of relaxing during their retirement. You could snuggle up to your best reads, books you couldn’t quite get a hold of or read up on books that further your education. It’s entirely up to you. And with absolutely everything being available digitally, you don’t have to leave your courtyard if you don’t want to. The comfort and love of your very home could be your sanctuary.

Whichever path you choose, remember, that this is a brand new and exciting journey. Embrace the freedom you have to exercise complete freewill. Be grateful for the opportunities to go on exciting new adventures. And, adventures they certainly are.

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