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Here’s How Couples Can Reduce Stress While Being in Lockdown

June 6, 2020

According to researchers, 57.7% of couples divorce because they argue too much. With coronavirus sweeping South Africa, those numbers could spike as couples don’t have all the normal distractions that keep them sane. It’s a stressful situation to start with, and it’s bound to get worse.

In this post, we’ll look at ways that couples can deal with that stress more effectively. We’ll look at some simple tips to help you relax during this stressful period.

Start by Getting Some Exercise

One of the best ways to combat the frustration of being cooped up all day is to get your body moving. You can find a lot of exercise classes online. Beginner yoga classes are an excellent way to counteract vegging out on the couch. Yoga stretches the muscles and ligaments and helps to tone the body. It’s also very relaxing.

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Don’t just rely on yoga. To work off some of that nervous energy, incorporate some cardio too. This can be simple enough—just jog on the spot. Consider dancing if that’s more fun for you. It doesn’t really matter, as long as you get your heart rate up.

Put a Limit on How Much Social Media You Consume

We all have fun reading the comments on some of the more controversial posts. We might even want to add our own two cents worth. The issue with spending a lot of time on social media is that it can be emotionally draining.

You’ll see posts that reaffirm your faith in humanity, but you’ll also see many that won’t. Social media is also far too focused on doom and gloom. Social media during the time of COVID-19 is a minefield of misinformation, glum predictions, and sniping. Limiting your social media time will help you stay more centred. 

Rediscover Hobbies That You Each Enjoy

It’s good if you can spend some time rediscovering those hobbies. If you don’t have shared interests, that works too. It gives you both something new to focus on and something new to talk about. Haul out those unfinished projects and get them finished.

Turn Off the TV

Relax, we’re not suggesting that you don’t watch TV at all. What we are suggesting is that you don’t watch TV all day. Find other fun ways to spend your time. Play games with your family, read a book, pull out that 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

Watching TV is easy, but invariably leads to boredom. Find other ways to amuse yourself.

Take Turns Looking After the Kids

This may seem crazy if you’re living in the same house. It can prove a vital role in both of you staying sane, though. A great way to do this is for each parent to look at activities that they can do with the kids. While they keep the kids occupied, the other parent gets time for a hot bubble bath, or to relax and do something they want to do.

Use the Power of Water to Relax

A soothing bubble bath can wash away the stress of being cooped up inside. If you find that your mind is racing, or that you’re particularly tense, add a good helping of magnesium salt to your bath. The skin absorbs the magnesium very effectively, leaving you feeling relaxed. Have your bath about an hour before bed to promote a good night’s sleep.

Music Is an Outstanding Tool

Is there upbeat music that you both enjoy? Play it frequently to break boredom and restore your spirits. Get creative and have karaoke contests at home or practice your best lip-syncing moves. Why not take the opportunity to choreograph a new dance?

Connect with Others Using Skype and Video Calling

One way to beat the boredom is to use Skype to connect with friends and relatives. Why not hold a double date in the dining room with friends over Skype? Speak to your family as a way to relieve stress. Just seeing and speaking to others can help relieve the tedium of daily lockdown.

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Consider Improving Your Qualifications

Many websites offer online courses. All you need is a good internet connection and an idea of what you’d like to learn. Sites like Coursera offer free and paid courses from Universities around the world. If you’d like a formal qualification, you’ll have to pay for the course. If not, there’s plenty that you can learn for free.

If you prefer a less formal learning environment, Udemy offers paid courses presented by their users. YouTube is another great resource for learning new information. There’s just a caveat here, though, some YouTubers cheat to make their content go viral.

Some of the hack videos out there might look very impressive, but exercise caution. They’re not always as safe as it seems.

Funny Poses

Why not document this period in your life by copying poses from iconic art? Come up with some weird and wacky poses of your own. It’s fun if you share photos of these, but there’s no pressure to do so.

If you’re concerned about someone snapping unauthorized shots, make everyone hand over their cell phones upfront.

Have a Game’s Night

This works for adults with or without children. Think of some fun childhood favourites. Charades is great if you don’t have board games. Card games are usually always a hit. If push comes to shove, you can have your own video games tournament.

Liven things up by wagering on the outcome. The winners might, for example, be able to drop some of their chores for a day.

Bake with the Kids

Why not learn how to make bread? Teach your kids some useful skills during this time by showing them how to bake. You get nummy treats and also have fun. What’s not to like?

Final Notes

Staying home together to avoid physical contact can be difficult if you love being out and about. There are plenty of ways to make the time go faster, though. We’ve given you some inspiration to get you started. What other ideas can you come up with?


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    June 26, 2020 at 10:25 am

    Games night has helped my family a lot during this lock down. I suggest playing Settlers of Catan. Really fun game!

  • Reply
    June 26, 2020 at 11:47 pm

    Being locked up together can really strain relationships … but I guess its upto us to turn it into an opportunity to grow together and get to know each other. Its a real test and I hope we all can pass! 😀

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