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June 26, 2020

Travel is exciting and with all the planning and excitement, it’s easy to overlook your skin care needs especially since traveling is often tough on skin and causes dehydration. One can have the perfect skincare routine, and still suffer the consequences of travelling!

Despite the nationwide lockdown, many are looking forward to the day when we can get into our cars and head to our favourite holiday destinations once again.

Bush, beach, resort or rustic safari – our bags will be packed with much excitement and anticipation.

But what skincare measures can you put in place to ensure your skin stays in tip-top condition?

Mariette and Carla, owners of SkinPhD Queenswood, share their recommendations.

Mariette and Carla, owners of SkinPhD Queenswood

5 tips to keep your skin looking fresh and vibrant no matter the time, place or destination!

  1. Moisturise! 

    No matter whether you’ll be reaching your destination by car, plane, or train, travelling tends to dry out your skin. The day and night before you travel, be repetitive and generous with your moisturising routine – apply double to prepare the skin. Then moisturise again with a light moisturiser before, during, and after travel.

  2. Make sunscreen your best friend.

     Skin protection should be your number one priority. It sounds obvious, but it’s so easy to overlook the sunscreen, sunglasses, broad-brimmed hat, and long clothing when you’re heading out to enjoy your destination. Even in winter! It’s likely that the sun will affect your skin differently in a different climate, especially if you’re near water or are at a higher altitude, so take precautions everyday to avoid burning.

  3. Avoid Travel Breakouts.

    Consider your new environment – the most delicate part of your face, and the most likely to show the stress and strain of travel, is your eye area. Travelling is not the time to rely on B-game skin care products. You’ll need products that will do the most good for you with the best effects! Ask your therapist for their suggested products. Change in climate will also have an effect on your skin as our temperatures decrease drastically over the next few weeks.

  4. Minimize Make-up.

    Allowing the pores of your skin to breathe while you’re traveling is a top priority, so it’s best to keep makeup to a minimum. Re-apply lip balms throughout the trip to stay hydrated, moisturised and arrive looking fresh. 

  5. Don’t neglect your hands!

    Don’t forget to use hand cream whilst on your trip as it’s not just your face that suffers from a change in environment. With the lockdown, we’ve all excessively been using hand sanitizers which also tends to dry out your skin. The oils in the cream replenish lost moisture and also form a protective layer that prevents further damage. When it comes to travel products, your skin will need as much TLC as possible so go ahead and leave your exfoliants and chemical peels at home! Be safe and be sure to sanitize again after you have been out or touched any objects other than within your own space.

If you’re looking to prepare your skin and get treatment before heading on your travels, they would highly suggest popping by their Queenswood branch for the HydroPlump K2 facial. It uses vitaminK2 biotechnology to instantly increase moisture and anti-oxidant levels!

Perfect for all our travel-lovers!


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    June 26, 2020 at 9:49 am

    I can confirm. I get extremely baggy eyes when Im traveling to new places. I need order and if there isnt order my face shows it. Im going to be talking to a skin care specialist for moistening suggestions. THANK YOU!!!

  • Reply
    June 26, 2020 at 11:42 pm

    Thanks for these!! I have severe acne and every time I travel it acts up. I guess it may be because I forget to use moisturizer. Any recommendations for people prone to acne??

  • Reply
    June 28, 2020 at 10:01 pm

    No one is traveling anywhere right now due to the virus but these are good tips for everyday use really. Moisturizing your skin is highly important to keep it youthful and healthy looking.

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