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Little Yoga Beings’ Illustrated Books for Children

December 9, 2020

Kristy Snyman is the founder of a company called ‘Little Yoga Beings’, where she teaches yoga, mindfulness and relaxation to children. She has recently written and published two children’s yoga books: ‘The Rainbow Within’ and ‘My Rainbow of Energy’.

These captivating stories are a fantastic way to introduce children to yoga and the chakras. Children are receptive to energy; thus, childhood is a great time for them to become aware of how they experience and how they are affected by the energy within and around them.

 The stories and illustrations encourage children to practise yoga.
The stories and illustrations encourage children to practise simple yet powerful yoga poses,
together with positive affirmations. They are a great tool for any parent, child or teacher.

The Rainbow within:

When Morgan finds a seed and plants it, it grows into a beautiful flower and she falls into it. Inside the flower, Morgan meets Pushpa, who tells her about the seven chakras in her body and their rainbow colours. She shows her how to perform yoga poses that work with each chakra, together with a positive affirmation.

‘Come and see the rainbow of energy that you have inside your body, called the chakras.’ 


The illustrations show the reader how to do each pose and encourage children to try them out, teaching them to enjoy this ancient form of exercise.

Try to do the tree pose with Morgan, first on your right leg and then on your left leg and say, ‘I feel grounded

The books are based on different magical journeys through the seven chakras in the body.
The books are based on different magical journeys through the seven chakras in the body.

My Rainbow of Energy:

When Hugo ventures down to the duck pond one fine summer’s day, he spots a dragonfly in distress. Little does he suspect that one act of kindness will transport him into a colourful new world of inner strength and peace. Here he meets Pushpa, who invites him to discover the rainbow of energy that all of us have inside our bodies.

Hugo takes a long, deep breath in and gently blows onto the dragonfly.

Through seven, easy-to-follow steps she encourages us to practise simple but powerful yoga poses together with affirmations, to help release and restore the flow of energy through the chakras.

Join Hugo in the frog pose and say, ‘I am flexible like a frog!’

If you’re into yoga, and have children, we recommend encouraging them to read stories like these.

The books are available from: amazon.com /exclusivebooks.co.za/ loot.co.za / hellopretty.co.za

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