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How to Start Your Own Yoga Retreat

May 23, 2019

Yoga retreats continue to grow in popularity. If you’ve been thinking about making the jump from client to provider, now is a perfect time. With so much competition out there, it can, however, be hard to figure out where to start. We’ve put together a helpful overview of how you can begin. Let’s make your dream a reality and open your very own yoga retreat.

Time needed: 14 days.

A Step by Step Guide to Opening Your Own Yoga Retreat ?

  1. Define Your Niche

    The first thing to do when planning your yoga retreat is to decide what exactly you’ll be offering and the ways in which you differ to those already on the market. Most yoga retreats have a distinct focus, such as Buddhist values, healthy eating or mindfulness.

    You’ll want to take into account what you already have, or what you can gain, access to. The best retreats are run by expert teachers, so if you will be undertaking this venture solo, your niche will have to reflect your particular skill set.

  2. Define the Market

    A part of determining your niche is understanding who the target market for your retreat will be. Successful yoga retreats understand the wants and needs of the type of person that will be attending, whether it’s a retreat for a specific gender, age range, ability and so on. It will also be helpful if you can get a clear picture from the start of the types of sessions you want to run.

    For example, do you prefer to teach in a one-on-one environment, or in small or large groups? Perhaps the distinction will fall on whether you intend to teach beginners or experienced yogis, or whether you want to teach adults only, or families with children. Whoever you feel most comfortable directing your sessions towards, you’ll want to make sure this is the market you are targeting.

  3. Figure out Logistics

    Now that you’ve narrowed down the focus and the types of people who will be attending, it’s time to determine the actual logistics of starting your own retreat. This covers all the practical elements of putting together the course, such as determining how many days you want it to run for, where you’re going to be holding it, and what you’re going to cover.

    Depending on the location you book, you may find some parts, such as the catering, transportation and accommodation, are covered. If not, you’ll need to have a plan in place for these. You will also want to think about what activities – outside from the yoga – will be available, and again, whether these are provided by the location or whether you’re responsible for booking these externally.  Two people doing yoga at a forest retreat

  4. Promote Appropriately

    By this point, you should be ready to start marketing your retreat to potential customers. The key to success here will be matching your strategies to the target market; for example, a younger demographic may respond better to social media posts such as Instagram, rather than traditional flyer or newsletter advertising.

    It’s important here to sell the concept behind your retreat in order to stand out from the crowd. Ideally, your adverts will go beyond stating what is on offer and capture the passion behind your particular expertise; your values should align with those of the target market. 

  5. Don’t Lose Sight

    The final thing to remember is not to lose sight of why you wanted to hold a yoga retreat in the first place. Building your first course can be stressful, especially if you’re doing it by yourself, and it can be hard finding the right balance of self-promotion without hard selling at first. However, with perseverance, your message will strike a chord with the right clients, who will become loyal followers and help share your retreat details via word-of-mouth. 

To Round Off

If you’re passionate about inspiring others and promoting mindfulness and meditation, then starting a retreat is for you. Yoga remains popular around the world, and more people are looking at it as a form of release and relaxation. ?

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Starting a yoga retreat need not be a daunting task. We have broken down the process to make it easy to begin. Although the location, marketing and facilities are important, put your participants first. Ultimately, stay true to your mantra and deliver meaningful yoga teachings to all that stay.

How to Start a Yoga Retreat [INFOGRAPHIC]
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